09 August 2016 @ 02:50 pm
special deck coupon shop

So you want to donate a special deck and need a coupon? Here you can obtain one.

The current price is 20 crayons per coupon, 10 of each color you want the deck to be and you can buy one every three months. So if you get one in July, you'll be able to get your next one in October.

A few notes:

✽ Yes, you do state specific deck colors while buying a coupon. This is so people would buy coupons with a particular deck they want to donate in mind rather than to stock up on them for future use.

✽ However, this does not mean you are required to use the coupon immediately. You can hold on to it indefinitely and even use it for a different deck than originally planned.

✽ The colors are actually not set in stone - the deckmaker might decide to change one or two if the shades used in the actual deck turn out to resemble another color more or you can find a perfect mastery badge image later which would look better with another color. However, that's more of an exception than a general rule so please make your coupon purchases with actual deck donation in mind.

✽ Free special deck coupons will continue to appear as prizes in PoG and there are no changes done to them. These are also completly separate from you purchased coupons, so getting a special deck coupon from Pot of Gold does not mean you need to wait three months to buy another.

Please use this form:

30 September 2010 @ 03:24 am
Deck Donations - Special

What's a TCG without cards to collect? Only special decks are accepted here! If you're looking to donate a regular deck, please visit deck donations - regular.

Acceptable sources for donations include:

  • Anime
  • Manga, Manhwa, Manhua
  • Video games produced in East Asia
  • Light novels using manga/anime style art

Sources must NOT be fan productions, unpublished or unofficial sources, or Western sources.


Special decks can be of minor characters, characters who don't have enough official art for decks of their own, or a selection of characters from a series who fit a certain theme, such as the Shinigami captains from Bleach. Suggestions must be of characters from the same series. Suggestions featuring characters from more than one series are NOT acceptable—that's what our monthly scrapbooks are for!

Ideally, special decks feature 20-21 different characters. Each card features one character, but the master badge may feature more than one or be a repeat of one or more characters already in the deck. We'll be needing your help to figure out how to make the deck work!

Decks look best if all the images are from the same source! So aim for consistency if possible~


Before donating a special deck, players must earn a special deck donation coupon. Special deck donation coupons may be prizes for Pot of Gold or other special events. They are not common prizes!

When donating images, please label them sequentially (01–20 + master) as deckmakers may not be familiar with the series. If you do not have images, please fill out the form completely and either let us know that you need help or that you will be gathering the images at a later date. If you will be gathering images, please reply to your own comment when you have the images ready.

If an image doesn't fit the vertical template or is not high quality enough, we may ask you to find another image of the same character. Remember that master badges are horizontal, so for that, we need something fitting a horizontal template!

If you aren't sure who you should omit and who you should include in the deck, try asking around for other people's opinions! Perhaps try [community profile] colors_trade~

Prizes for donating a special deck are 5 random cards & 1 random crayon per deck, as well as 1 choice card from the deck upon its release.


Use the following form to donate a special deck:

Lastly, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact any current deckmaker directly! They will be glad to assist you. :)