09 August 2014 @ 09:39 pm

Today's World Cup event is brought to you by Tobi-han, Colors' own great world traveller. Last year, he uncovered a musical cipher—this year, he's brought one from his friends in another country! He likes to call it Criss Cross Crew after those friends and their favourite sport.

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Enjoy the second-last event in the Colors World Cup, which will remain open until noon GMT on August 18!
29 June 2014 @ 05:36 pm
Our Scrapbooks aren't quite filled yet, and so that means overtime!


✔ Scrapbook Overtime operates on first come first serve fashion.

✔ All donations must be done in this post! Donations made elsewhere won't be considered.

✔ This means anyone can donate to them provided they haven't donated to these respective Scrapbooks before. This won't have any effect on your donations to other Scrapbooks this round.

✔ The usual classic Scrapbook rules apply - you may only donate one character and the deck can have one character per series.

✔ Your image must be in color and fit our vertical template. If it does not fit well or is not high quality enough, I will ask you for another pic. If we already have a deck of the character, please use an image we haven't used in the character's deck. If I notice you using an image we already have a card of, I will mostly likely ask you for a different image. (You will not lose your spot). Help me out and check to see if your image has already been used in that character's deck!

✔ For donating you'll receive 3 random cards and when the deck is released, you'll be able to pick the card you donated.

✔ This Scrapbook will remain open until all spots are filled!
21 June 2014 @ 10:47 pm

Also, you can still donate to the lottery themes which Polearms and Fisticuffs. Please don't be discouraged from trying even if you're donating to this scrapbook! You'll still get prizes even if you're not picked!

Slots: 11/11 taken!

Fel is incapable of staying up late so this is posted early. :( For your reference, the first half is here!
21 June 2014 @ 11:27 am

If you didn't make it on time to donate to cards 01-10 of these Scrapbooks, donations to second halves of the decks will open in approximately 12 hours, at 23:30 GMT or 18:30 EST. Check here to convert this to your timezone! There will be a separate post for the second half!

Also, you can still donate to the lottery themes which are COMING SOON. Please don't be discouraged from trying even if you're donating to this scrapbook! You'll still get prizes even if you're not picked!

Slots: 9/9 taken!


19 June 2014 @ 02:43 pm

The anniversary is winding down, so let's have some more discussion. This time, the topic is...

Other Worlds/Universes

What are some of your favourite anime/manga/game universes? Bearing in mind the traditional answer amongst everyone I know is "I'd love to live in the Pokémon utopia where all problems can be solved by a ten-year-old", are there any you'd like to live in? Are you excited by the novelty of constantly dying and being resurrected as a lowly human in DragonBall Z? Perhaps you'd rather be offered the opportunity to become a magical girl, or to revolutionize the world!

Are there any worlds you're perhaps not a fan of but can praise for their creativity? What about aspects of other worlds that really make you think—perhaps there really are spirits living all around us, even if they aren't exactly mushi. Maybe you'd even enjoy having demons living in your cell phone!

For participating in today's conversation, you'll receive one choice special card, one random character card, one random crayon, and fourstival19.

Remember, if you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.
09 June 2014 @ 08:59 am

Hello Colors! Hopefully you're enjoying the Anniversary Fourstival so far—we certainly are! But festivals can be exhausting, and below we've collected several fabulous locales for you to visit as a quick holiday. Sit back, let the atmosphere take you away, and maybe you'll find a present...

Possible gifts...

● two gifts contain two random character cards, one crayon
● one gift contains three random special cards
● one gift contains two three random character cards, one choice character card whoops! gifts have been overflowing with kindness!
● one gift contains four random crayons
... and each present includes fourstival09!

Vacation hotspots! )

Your gifts will be delivered to your personal prize thread, so please provide a link to it, or the magic may not know where to find your pockets! Finally, part of your vacation is getting a chance to relax, so don't tell anyone else where you've hidden away—it might just get too crowded with all your friends there!
16 February 2014 @ 07:40 pm

Welcome to another round of Seiyuu Guess! Your usual mod is indisposed at the moment, but Nanami is still here, and she's glad for your assistance last week. We'll have the results for you before too long, and prizes will be out as soon as Gargant's back in action.

Thank you all for helping Nanami out! But now she's stuck again. Can you help her identify this mysterious voice? It seems so familiar somehow...

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What a grumpy looking young man! ... Wait, you're saying this person is over five million years old?! How is that possible! ... He's part of some sort of god race? What on earth is he doing here, then?! The nerve!

Tell Nanami the character's name, their seiyuu's name, and what series they're from for three random cards. And remember, I only require the original japanese voice!

This round will end 23rd February! Good luck, everyone!!
09 December 2013 @ 10:22 pm

Here we are at Day Nine, so soon! Today's post is brought to you by two fabulous mods, myself ([personal profile] aestivalis) and Fel ([personal profile] shinsengumi, and you have her to thank for the adorable banner GOSH I LOVE ZELOS AND CHERIA SO MUCH YOU GUYS). I hope you all have been having a great time with this event - I certainly have!

Anyway, let's get this advent day moving \o\!


Since this post is coming to you from two individuals, it only seems right to focus on partnerships. This isn't a shipping post, though! Nor is it particularly about familial bonds! Instead, just tell us about two characters you enjoy who share a significant non-romantic bond. We're talking about Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes, we're talking about Nana O. and Nana K., we're talking Sanzo and Goku, you get the idea!

Still want more examples? We'll take your Ladd Russo and Claire Stanfield, we'll have Caster and Ryuunosuke Uryuu, bring us Revy and Eda! Positive or negative, we want to know about some of your favourite bonds between people. After all, two are better than one.

For joining in with today's conversation, you may take two choice character cards with something in common. What things in common? Just like this round of Switch It Up, it's up to you! The only rule is that your choice cards must be from different decks. Make sure to drop an explanation with your comment and to post by December 31st!

Enjoy the rest of your Advent Calendar! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
29 October 2013 @ 06:57 pm
Bit late! But a new week has started over at Switch It Up! We'll still be finishing up on time on Sunday.

20 October 2013 @ 09:44 am
Hello everyone! First things first, make sure you check out this month's scrapbooks, featuring a couple of different seiyuu! These scrapbooks are running on a lottery system, so don't let the number of comments dissuade you—there's room for everyone to submit!

On another note, my laptop charger is dying and my battery proper has been dead for quite a while, so please bear with me in terms of handing out prizes. Furthermore, you may have noticed my response time on Switch It Up slowing down to about one set of swaps per week! I will be making an effort to run through through swaps on Wednesdays as well as Sundays, but I cannot guarantee it will happen the way I want it to. :(

Lastly, thank you all for your birthday wishes last week. You really made me glad, Colors! Without further ado, here's the new Switch It Up!

Let's switch things up! )

New Week: October 27
13 October 2013 @ 11:55 am
How are you all enjoying the region of Kalos so far? How many hours of Pokémon XY have you clocked? Are you, like me, waiting for a copy to ship for a different region? ◉︵◉ Come drown your sorrows in a new week of Switch It Up!

Also, don't forget to come help our poor wayward vagabond at Ryoga's Directions, closing on October the 18th at 12:00 GMT.
06 October 2013 @ 02:35 pm
The Chaotic Trio is celebrating! Come on in to Switch It Up to find out what...

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New Week: 13 October, on Fel's birthday! :>
04 October 2013 @ 09:14 pm
Welcome back to Ryoga's Directions! In this game, you identify a location from an anime/game/manga using the aids provided. Unless otherwise stated, you must identify the specific place shown in the provided picture. They'll always have a particular name you can reference!

The answer to the previous round was Atelier Rorona or Astrid/Rorona's Workshop from Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

Where's Ryoga now? )

Closes: 18 October, 12:00 GMT Closed!
29 September 2013 @ 08:57 pm
New week over at Switch It Up!

Also, don't forget to come help our poor wayward vagabond at Ryoga's Directions, closing on October the 4th at 12:00 GMT.
22 September 2013 @ 06:08 pm
Hey all, I'd just like to remind you that cards you put into Switch It Up leave your trade pile and are not available to others! Don't forget to mark them as pending and to make sure you don't keep them after receiving your swap.

Let's switch things up! )

New Week: 29 September