01 September 2016 @ 09:46 pm
activity rewards

Starting September, players will be able to claim additional rewards based on their activity levels throughout the previous month. These are not replacing in any way the usual rewards you get for games, deck donations, etc, it's just an additional reward for being active. Please note that prize tiers and sizes are subject to be adjusted if needed. There are currently three separate categories you can claim rewards for. These have no effect on one another and you claim them separately, for example you can hit tier V in Games and Services and tier III in Trades in one month.

The tiers are (for now) as follows:


I. Answer 5 game rounds during the month.
II. Answer 10 game rounds during the month.
III. Answer 15 game rounds during the month.
IV. Answer 20 game rounds during the month.
V. Answer 25 game rounds during the month.
VI. Answer 30 game rounds during the month.
VII. Answer 35 or more game rounds during the month.

✽ Games where you can comment multiple times (eg. Switch it Up, Swap Station) count as one round.
✽ Special events (League, Advent Calendar, Anniversary) games don't count for this.
✽ Pot of Gold counts as one no matter how many tasks you complete.


I. Trade with 3 people during the month.
II. Trade with 6 people during the month.
III. Trade with 9 people during the month.
IV. Trade with 12 people during the month.
V. Trade with 15 people during the month.
VI. Trade with 18 people during the month.
VII. Trade with 21 or more people during the month.

✽ Trade size doesn't matter.
✽ Trading crayons does count.
✽ Trades made for games, both regular (Acrostic, Pot of Gold) or special (League, Anniversary, Advent Calendar) do count.


Service activity tiers work differently since we wouldn't want anyone to for example split their Art Shop request into 20 comments to stack service uses. Instead, these are counted based on how many of these things you complete in a month:

✽ use Art Shop at least once
✽ use Art Studio at least once
✽ use Recycled Art at least once
✽ master a deck
✽ max out deck donations

I. complete 1/5 tasks
II. complete 2/5 tasks
III. complete 3/5 tasks
IV. complete 4/5 tasks
V. complete 5/5 tasks


The tiers are rewarded as follows:

I. 4 random cards
II. 8 random cards
III. 12 random cards +1 crayon
IV. 16 random cards +1 crayon
V. 20 random cards +2 crayons
VI. 24 random cards +2 crayons
VII. 28 random cards +2 crayons


Please use this form to claim your prizes (you can do more than one in one comment):

✽ In the Activity field, please either provide links to your game answers and trades or indicate the date in your log where this activity is logged. For services, provide links with the exception of Recycled Art where a log entry is enough.
✽ You can claim prizes for the previous month during the whole month. For example, during September you'll be able to claim rewards based on your August activity but once it becomes October, unclaimed August rewards are lost and you'll be only able to claim for September. There will be a reset comment.