Hello everyone! It's time for the big moment! We're going to have several posts here that will show you all the new cool stuff that will be happening on Colors!

First, let's welcome your new mods! There are lots of them, since both Fel and me selected more people than we originally intended. There were just too many good candidates! Still, I feel sad for the other people who had some interesting ideas as well. Unfortunately we couldn't pick 20-30 people for this D:

Anyway, here are the new mods, and the list of the things they will be doing.


- AJ ([personal profile] corinthian) - The Poet's Acrostic Trading Post (new game), signatures, graphics
- Allmia ([personal profile] miyoungie) - Kyuubey's Information Exchange, Continue the Story with Unown (new game), Recycled Art
- Delitan ([personal profile] despedia) - Miria and Isaac's Costume Party, Reading Between the Lines, Go Fish, portfolios
- Netbug ([personal profile] netbug009) - Neku's Music Station, Pokeradar, Asobot Initiative
- Ouji ([personal profile] byakkun) - Host Club Giveaway, Conan's Clues


- Astral ([personal profile] astralfire) - Help Miss Kamila! (new game), Kiss the Cook (new game)
- Fumika ([personal profile] fall) - Crazy Colors, Shadow Watching With Shikamaru (temporary), art shop
- Jex ([personal profile] rujubee) - Colors Chat (new game), Peach's Birthday Present (new game)
- Melissa ([personal profile] gammacrank) - Graffiti, A Challenger Appears! (new game)
- Sammich ([personal profile] estamir) - Coloring Book, Guess the Color
- Ten ([personal profile] adurotum) - Naze's Remodeling Station (new game)
- Trias ([personal profile] triacedia) - Spare Parts, Delete Shiritori with Medaka (new game), levels


- Lita ([personal profile] needles) - member list updating
- Mei ([personal profile] ritornello) - webiste development

Welcome again, everyone! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun with all this cool stuff :D

Feel free to leave your congratulations and/or death threats to the new mods in the comments! In a moment, I will make a second post with descriptions of the new games.