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Mod contact information

This is a thing that I think our game needed for some time, and after one conversation today I finally did it! Here you can find a list of all our mods and their contact information. Since we're always happy to hear some input from our players (as well as to socialize with our players in general), feel free to contact us there! You can check who's responsible for each game over here. If you don't know who to ask about a particular issue, contacting the head mods is always a good option.

This post will be permanently linked in the sidebar at the left, and I'll try to keep it up to date!

Head mods

[personal profile] magaru
[ profile] shiraoi

[personal profile] needles
[ profile] freequiet

[personal profile] nidoking
[ profile] DarkRaven666

Regular mods

[personal profile] phibby
[ profile] phibby

[personal profile] eonflamewing

[personal profile] ixionesis
[ profile] ixionesis

[personal profile] beezebeora

[personal profile] laciewings

[personal profile] neverbepractical

[personal profile] secretambition
[ profile] secretambition

[personal profile] netbug009
[ profile] Netbug009

[personal profile] canute
[ profile] forevertobestill

[personal profile] zekroms

[personal profile] samichan
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Just wanted to add on this that I typically make a monthly plurk for deckmaking previews so people can give me crit and suggestions on them in case I mess something up too terribly, so if it is A Thing you could be interested giving input in, by all means please feel free to follow and add!
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Just wanted to say that people can contact me on this journal or on plurk at [ profile] undercity!
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Sssh, you're fine! /hugs