05 October 2012 @ 11:07 pm
Apologies that this is working a bit differently than what I described in the September release post. I felt I needed to clear the current inactive list so that I can work from a fresh one!

The following players are players who've been listed under the inactive list for quite a long time. The inactive list has now been cleared at this time, as these members have not updated in generally more than half a year, and have not declared a hiatus. Now that the inactive list is cleared, I will slowly start moving inactive players that currently haven't been labeled as such to the new inactive list, in which these players will have leeway to either update or declare a hiatus. (you'll be safe for some time, as I won't be clearing the inactive list again for a good while, but it's not a good spot to be at!)

If you are one of the players below but actually still want to continue playing (or have been wrongly removed), let me know and I'll add you back. If you decide you'd like to rejoin at a later date, we'll be glad to welcome you back!

members that have been removed - October 5, 2012 )
01 May 2010 @ 12:44 am
member list updating

Hello, fellow mods! If you take care of Joining, Masteries, Levels, or Signatures please comment here weekly with updates so the member list can remain up to date.

Who joined this week? Please fill out this form below for each new member and put the info between <textarea></textarea>.

Replace name with the person's name. Replace DW name with the person's DW name and type that out in the link. Don't replace www, but do fill out the link to their card post. Replace deck with the deck they're collecting. Replace 00/00 with their birthday.

Comment here with a list of who mastered what this week and what they're collecting now. Use the person's nickname and not their DW name. You do not have to put this info within a text box.

Comment here with a list of who leveled up this week and what their new level is. Use the person's nickname and not their DW name. You do not have to put this info within a text box.

Signature Cards
Please link new Signatures every week or so, and I'll update the site with them.