14 February 2012 @ 10:50 pm

Art thanks to Myde!

Guess what day today is? Valentine's? Well, you're not wrong, but more importantly, it's Tobi-han's birthday! Happy birthday, Tobi-han! \o/

To join in with the celebration, follow the steps below!

1. Comment with a link to your card post (where you wish people to drop the chocolate off at) to receive a piece of chocolate!

2. You receive an unlimited supply of the chocolate to gift, but oh no, that chocolate is not yours. It is merely a magical supply that does not count towards your collection. What does this mean...?

3. Go around participating players' card posts and hand the chocolate out to them! Drop by and express your love! ♥

4. As extra incentive, take this special Tobi-han Day sketchpad that can only be filled out 1 box per chocolate you pass out. Redeem these like usual at the Art Shop!

5. Hoard the chocolate until you find out what they can be used for~

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