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Release 105 - January

Hi guys! My laptop charger suddenly stopped working (and I couldn't even make as many decks as I wanted :(() so I am borrowing Raven's computer to post this! Just a reminder that the next event will be Valentines!

As today's freebie you can take three blue cards, all from different decks! Specials are okay for this. Please comment with what you are taking!

That's all for today, see you next month! Previous release is still open for claiming for 48h!

== 1 New Special Deck ==
Little Dragons Cafe - Full cast

== 22 New Character Decks ==

♥Aikatsu Stars♥
Kasumi Yozora, Lilie Shirogane, Nanakura Koharu, Shiratori Hime, Tsubasa Kisaragi, Yuzu Nikaido

Archer of Black (Chiron), Berserker of Red (Spartacus), Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia, Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia, Rider of Red (Achilles), Roche Frain Yggdmillennia

♥Kirby series♥
Magolor, Susie, Taranza


♥Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness♥
Miki Sauvester

♥Star Ocean: The Last Hope♥
Arumat P. Thanatos

♥Star Ocean: Till The End of Time♥
Sophia Esteed

♥The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls♥
Matsunaga Ryo, Miyamoto Frederica, Shirasaka Koume

You may claim 10 character cards and 1 special card from the newly released decks above. They must all be from different decks! Comment with what you take. You may also take one copy of your signature.

If your birthday is in January, please also label your subject with BIRTHDAY! to receive your birthday freebies of three random cards and 1 crayon. I will be passing this out after the claiming closes!

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