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Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand

i copypaste this every year

Hi players, would you like to buy some chocolate for your loved ones or friends once again? Or maybe some for complete strangers whose day you'd like to brighten? This Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand is here to accomodate all your needs!

See here for last year's event!

Here's what we have on sale:

the Small Box! Price - 5 cards

the Big Box! Price - 10 cards

the Mega Box! Price - 25 cards

Grab one or more of these delicious boxes full of choice cards! Remember though that you are not supposed to take them for yourself! Hand them out to others, that's the Valentine's Day spirit! And remember to share the love with as many people as you can! Remember that kindness will be repaid!


♥ A Chocolate Box allows you to take a specific number of choice cards (character or special), the same as the number of cards you need to purchase one (so for example a Small Box would allow you to make five gifts) but all of these must be given as gifts to other players. You can't take a card from the box for yourself.

When you buy a Box, you'll get randomized Valentines candy with amount equaling the number of gifts in a box. When you give a gift, you use up one of the candies and the card color must match the candy. So you can't give everyone cain03 unless your boxes happened to be full of brown candies! If you are giving a special card, matching either of the colors is fine.

To give a card to someone, include the box picture and the candy you are using up in your comment.

Recipents are suggested to hoard the wrappers of candies they receive, since there will always be some way to use them

♥ To buy a box, leave a comment requesting one using the appropriate form. You can buy more than one in one comment

♥ You can't add these cards to your card count or mark these gifts on your sketchpad.

♥ You may buy each box ONCE and you can only give ONE gift to one person. If you have more than one box, this rule is still in effect - if you gave a gift from the Small Box to a player, you can't gift them again using Big Box or Mega Box

♥ After you've used up the choice cards from your box, comment in THIS thread with a list of people you gifted and what cards you gave them to be rewarded for your kindness (the prize will be bigger than the cost of the box so it's worth it!)

The Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand is open for a month, from Wednesday, February 14th to Wednesday, March 14th. Have fun!

The cute candy pixels were made by Chuu!
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[personal profile] admiral 2018-03-14 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
/slams in here I DID IT

01. anaraine (hahi14, brown)
02. beezebeora (finalerosso04, purple)
03. 1angelette (optimist01, yellow)
04. needles (unpopular11, green)
05. wanderlast (tutorial19, yellow)
06. canute (adepts13, yellow)
07. magaru (monochrome19, gray)
08. greenquirk (noble18, red)
09. vethica (shadowyato20, gray)
10. instrumentality (esmerelda11, blue)
11. phibby (coffee12, green)
12. 9tales (moron13, yellow)
13. hyoga (captivate19, orange)
14. nidoking (waltz18, purple)
15. lady_paine (barrier19, yellow)
16. reneetwist (kawasumia17, blue)
17. mercymain (agape11, yellow)
18. byakkun (warflag11, blue)
19. mori (dull10, purple)
20. netbug009 (melemele09, yellow)
21. secretambition (stranger10, red)
22. toffeecat (odyssey11, yellow)
23. dustybunny (charm15, purple)
24. kippi (spirits09, brown)
25. pinkoctopus (8316, green)
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[personal profile] anaraine 2018-03-14 11:58 pm (UTC)(link)
i give up. you beat me, megabox. i'm going to bed.

Charlotte/[personal profile] hyoga (room14)
Miro/[personal profile] neverbepractical (akatsuki20)
Lenga/[personal profile] 1angelette (search06)
Aru/[personal profile] magaru (2ndchild13)
9tales/[personal profile] 9tales (mentor07)

Lee/[personal profile] instrumentality (reinherz03)
Lita/[personal profile] needles (bicycle19)
Raie/[personal profile] lady_paine (chuunin17)
Quirk/[personal profile] greenquirk (blackmist02)
Jun/[personal profile] beezebeora (finalerosso09)
Nikita/[personal profile] canute (adepts16)
Arianne/[personal profile] phibby (cold03)
Emma/[personal profile] wanderlast (dismay19)
Raven/[personal profile] nidoking (blackluna10)
ReneeTwist/[personal profile] reneetwist (ronin18)
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[personal profile] needles 2018-02-16 02:08 am (UTC)(link)
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Name: Lita
Card Post:
Box you are buying: Small, Big, Mega
Cards you are turning in:

Cardnames: 66703, 902915, a-10010004, adore11, airiel06

ambrosia15, amita13, animation17, aquarium04, artemis16, asakura09, asphalt20, asteria07, asteria08, athena03

athlum09, attendant15, aurite11, aurite17, automail03, awa-awa08, ayakashi03, ayingott02, b-rabbit02, babysitter08, badjokes05, badluck09, badminton15, bandages05, battle03, beanie16, beard06, beastfang10, betrayal02, bigbear01, bigbenkei03, bigsis06, birdplush01, birdplush04, bjd18
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[personal profile] anaraine 2018-02-19 01:39 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Ana
Card Post: here!
Box you are
Small, Big, Mega
Cards you are turning in:

Cardnames: always03, atlas16, bossy02, candystore08, chainsaws16, cold09, cook13, darkones18, demure13, gadgets17, highjump06, hyena03, identical20, impostor08, killerqueen09, kindness13, landlady18, merak15, meridiana14, nonbeliever05, onii-chan04, paintbrush19, pantheress03, petulant17, planeptune16, porn16, prima04, proxy06, risotto04, selfies09, shovel01, sickly13, smart20, stable06, stalking15, sweets10, topidol16, veil08, wife08, witchgirl10,
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[personal profile] beezebeora 2018-02-20 01:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Jun
Card Post: Here
Box you are
the Mega Box!
Cards you are turning in:
Cardnames: addiction04, aimstalker16, akabari04, akizora16, alliance11, anatoray01, angra05, animation06, anti-skill09, antiques10, antoinette19, aqua08, aquaforce03, automata11, battleaxe09, beguile11, benishidare15, bishoujo07, blades11,fantasize06, galman03, golden08, haicopy13, highentia06, immature04
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[personal profile] admiral 2018-02-24 11:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Lex
Card Post: here
Box you are buying: mega
Cards you are turning in:

Cardnames: actress10, android15, aresweis07, asakeno07, badminton08, biscuit04, blend17, bosozoku14, boy08, breaker09, bribe18, brutal08, daoshi18, dubhe20, empty15, first11, floral02, flowing07, future12, godofdeath02, godofdeath19, grandpa03, hamelin15, imitating09, imperatore03
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[personal profile] wanderlast 2018-03-01 05:31 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Emma
Card Post: here!
Box you are buying: Mega
Cards you are turning in:

Cardnames: 300iq03, 77702, analyzing07, asleep02, badcop18, bag03, bake15, beard16, bell02, big17 boots14, bowwow10, ceo01, childish10, chuu12, comedy18, dragunov06, fool16, indra01, mayor04, mole16, piratehat19, pikohan14, polite14, shikon11
1angelette: (Haruhi)

[personal profile] 1angelette 2018-03-13 05:41 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Lenga
Card Post: here
Box you are buying: Big
Cards you are turning in:
Cardnames: allmeans14, betrayed11, d-hero16, dance16, dimension16, orochi16, orojya11, pluses18, skipped05, tama-ya09