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art studio

Tired of your colored cards? Never fear! You can trade them in for other cards here! Maybe some other artist will like your cards. ;) Your cards will be recycled and end up at Recycled Art for other members to claim.

The current rate of exchange is:

♥ 2 normal cards for 1 random card
♥ 3 normal cards for 1 copy of your signature
♥ 3 normal cards for 1 choice character card
♥ 3 special cards for 1 choice special card

You may exchange for up to 20 random cards, 8 signatures, 8 choice character cards, and 8 choice special cards each calendar month. The month restarts on the 1st. Please comment with the cards you're trading in and what you're trading them for.

NEW RULE! Please use this form when using Art Studio

(For staff use: General randomizer

Art Studio mod, please comment over at Recycled Art each week with a list of new cards to add. Code cards alphabetically with image tags and line breaks and put that between <textarea></textarea> in a comment.)
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[personal profile] beaslays 2015-09-30 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
What are you exchanging for?: shaman17, shaman18, shaman19, shaman20, secondlife14, secondlife15
Cards you are exchanging:

Card names: windmill06, wisel02, womanizing16, world-class15, worldthree12, xiii18, yakisoba03, yankee17, yasako03, yoru19, zagan06, zgundam18, fathers03, gakuen05, gnosis18, mid-childa08, nekotalia09, wakening07
Art Studio use for the current month: random cards: 0/10; signatures: 0/4; character cards: 4/4; special cards: 2/4