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Conan's Clues 158

Last round's answer was Hosaka from Minami-ke!

Today Conan came across a handsome blonde man in a really elaborate blue and white uniform with a matching sword that... really wasn't very sharp. Conan just had to say hello -- what was up with that outfit, anyway -- and when they got to talking, he found out that he used to be a part of an organization called the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Well, that explains the weird outfit... He also seemed really earnest and fixed on justice and righteousness, just like a true knight! Before Conan could get his name, he ended up being called away to something urgent, but as he left Conan thought he saw lightning??? coming off of his sword... huh.

Tell Conan the name and the series this guy is from to earn two random cards! This round closes on Thursday, August 22nd at 12:01 a.m. PST!