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Crosswords 120

Hi! Both Junpei and I are back with the Crosswords!

This round's theme is Fate/Apocrypha characters! There are so many of them I only used like half here.

Use the clues below to fill the crossword. Use first names of the characters unless specified otherwise.


2A. A cheerful pink-haired paladin summoned in the Rider class
5. The smug and scheming leader of the Yggdmillenia clan
6. An ancient queen and a master of poisons, she created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
9. The Ruler-class Servant summoned to oversee the Holy Grail War
10. A young homunculus who gains power after a Servant saves his life
11. An experienced necromancer hired to join the Red Faction in the Holy Grail War

1. The son of King Arthur with short temper and tremendous sword skills
2D. An ancient warrior of legend summoned in the Rider class
3. An idealistic Archer who wants peace for all the children in the world
4. A young magus looking up to his sister and the master of Frankenstein's Monster
7. An anti-social Servant, alchemist who uses golems in battle
8. The leader of the Red Faction, priest raised in the Kotomine family

Have fun! Remember, I accept answers in both image and text form, whichever one suits you more. You can win 1 random card for each name, so 12 random cards in total! You will also get a random crayon if you get everything right!
There is also a bonus prize of 3 crayons for one randomly selected player who submits at least 10 correct names.

This round closes on 23rd February CLOSED!, Central Europe time!

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