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岩撫純子 ([personal profile] beezebeora) wrote in [community profile] colors_tcg2019-01-24 03:04 pm

Booster Bundle 34

Welcome to Booster Bundle! Come on in!

Looking for a new booster pack? ....You know, those bags of cards that the kids are crazy for.
Inside each booster is 7 Cards, with at least 1 Holographic... I guess you guys call them Special cards.
But dont worry, You can pick any pack you want! At the moment this is my stock..


Packs In-stock: Yellow, Blue, Brown

Sometimes we get in other packs in, so stock might change every week.
Depending on what pack you get also depends on the type of cards you get as well!

This round will end Wednesday, Janurary 30th.

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