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Link Cable 57 + BONUS

Well Pokemon trades seem back to normal. But it seems that everyone is excited to Shiny trade recently. Todays theme seems to be grey colored shinys!...and whats this... Mega Pokemon?!

Welcome to the Cable Club! Here, Pokemon trainers around the world can trade Pokemon with one another. Our trading machine can be used to trade multiple Pokemon simultaneously: all you have to do is connect the link cables!

Each pair of Pokemon to be traded is represented by their corresponding color in this grid. In order for the trading machine to work, the link cables must connect using following rules:

1) Connect blocks of the same color to ensure each trainer gets the correct Pokemon.
2) Paths may not cross each other, or it will interfere with the transfer!
3) The entire grid must be filled, leaving no empty spaces.

Here is an example of a simpler puzzle and solution for your reference

For completing this puzzle, you'll receive 20 Cards!! (cause i was to busy last round) That is 10 cards per puzzle! 
(thnx for & Smogon XY for gen 6 shinys)
edit: Changed the bottom puzzle. Solutions the same, i just had an old sheet up.

This round closes March 15th