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No Context Theater 17

Some of you might know Kamukura as the guy who was really into boats back in the day. Rumor has it he likes memes now. He's been trying to get into anime lately but sometimes he stumbles upon something that's hard to comprehend even with his numerous talents.

actual context won't help you with this one trust me

The image comes from Revolutionary Girl Utena movie

Come up with a possible explanation for the situation in the screencap! It can be anything and as silly or serious as you wish. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the series, the purpose of the game is not to guess what actually happened there! Same if you are familiar with the context - pretend that you aren't and make up something on your own!

Source of screencaps will more often than not be Anime Screenshots Without Context

For answering, you'll get 5 new release cards. Every answer is correct and feel free to comment on other people's answers! This round is open till Sunday, March 12th! CLOSED NOW!
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It was once a peaceful, prosperous time.

Everything was booming. The economy was reaching unforetold heights. So were skyscrapers. So was everybody's hair, which probably explained the necessity for so much building space.

But it was a peaceful, prosperous time. Television was at its peak and beloved all over the nation. The worlds of fiction and fantasy thrived, each in its own slot on Saturday morning, co-existing in harmony and world-record toy sales.

But then it happened. The mergers. The deregulations. The greed of corporations trying to target every demographic getting the better of its reason. The beginning of societal collapse.

Turtles that gave up the code of the ninja to befriend ponies that shot rainbows. Barbies that turned into robots that turned into cars. Musclebound barbarian ducks that morphed into animals that were actually computer programs that turned into dinosaurs which were actually robots, which when combined turned into a gigantic ghost-busting machine to fight evil mummy cats while touting the benefits of breakfast cereals in a Lovecraftian mess that drove the weaker children mad and left the stronger children scrabbling at store windows for toys.

More toys...

"What happened then, Ms. Jones?" asked one of the students in the first row. Billy, of course. The top of his grade in Corporate History class.

"Beanie Babies," said the wise old woman grimly, her lips pressed together, her thousand-yard stare fixated at some point the children couldn't see.

"Beanie Babies?" Billy asked.

"Yes, my dears," said Ms. Jones, closing her eyes and taking a long, slow breath. "Let me tell you about the 90s..."