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Directions 114!

Edge and Reimi travel to other planets aboard their spaceship "Calnus," which they explore on behalf of the Space Reconnaissance Force (SRF).

This week, they were sent a photo of their next destination.

This seemingly ordinary high school located on a Japanese port island transforms into a massive tower during the 25th hour hidden between one day and the next that ordinary humans cannot remain active in. How mysterious!

If you can tell Edge and Reimi what the name of this school is and what series it comes from, they'll give you four random cards for each correct answer, totaling to eight random cards! If you can also tell them the name of the tower this school transforms into, you'll be given an additional two random crayons!

Last time, they were in Towa City from Dangan Ronpa!

This round will end on Saturday, March 11th!
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Gekkoukan High School from Persona 3! It turns into Tartarus!