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★ Beauty Pageant 107

Welcome to the Colors Beauty Pageant! Please join Mizuki, Mikuru, and me as we set out to find things that are fresh, new, and lovely~★
This round, our theme will be SCHOOL!! because i'm studying for a course and it feels like being back at school x_x;;
- MAIN THEME: The image must be themed around school. So bring me your professors, teachers, mascots, students and spooky ghosts who live on campus!
- Bonus: The image features the inside or outside of the school building - classrooms, hallways, courtyard, roof, etc.
- Bonus: The character is wearing a uniform!

- Submit a single image (official art only, no fanart) which MUST feature the main theme. The two bonus themes are optional
- The character must be from a series that would be able to have a Colors deck (manga/anime/video games from East Asian sources)
- In your submission, please include:
   1) the image (please specify which character if the image features more than one)
   2) the character's name
   3) the series
- Each character can only be used once, but series can be repeated
- Each image can only be used once, even if it features multiple characters that apply

Main Theme: six random cards total
Main Theme + One Bonus Theme: eight random cards total
Main Theme + Two Bonus Themes: eight random cards and one crayon

This round ends on Friday, March 17th has ended! Have fun, and enjoy the pageant~★!

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Suoh Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club!

He is the one in the corner of woe!
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[personal profile] pinkoctopus 2017-03-24 12:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes! They are all from a super fancy private school for rich students!
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[personal profile] pinkoctopus 2017-03-24 02:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes! It is severely ridiculous but that is the point!