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Congrats to the winners of last month! Now that we're done rocking out...well, okay, we're not quite done rocking out, but this time the rock music is just a badass soundtrack to the real main event: conquering the Three Kingdoms!

The object of the Pot of Gold is to complete different "tasks" that will be different every month. You'll get small rewards for completing them individually, but receive bonuses if you manage to complete all of them. How much of the rainbow can you complete?

- Everything collected and turned in for these tasks must be done and logged in between September 1st and September 30th, 2015. So you've only got one month!

- When commenting here after completing a task, make sure you label your subject with "Completed", as well as the color of the task you finished. Also, make sure you let me know if you've completed all of them so I can give you your extra reward!

- As often happens, I will try and process some of these early to spread my workload out if the chance arises, so if you're okay with receiving prizes early when you finish, make a note in your comment and I'll try to get to it sooner and deliver your prizes early.

- Please give me a link to your logs with every comment you make, and please link where you completed each task! It gets you prizes much faster, trust me. :3

- Pot of Gold tasks can only be turned in when the round is open, so that means that once it's October 1st, you can't turn in anything even if your tasks were completed and logged in September! Even if you were on hiatus. It's just like with normal games, you can't reply to them once the round closes. If you need to fix a link or clarify something after this time, please reply to your comment or PM me; do not edit your comment after the deadline!

RED: Battle of Ruxukou
Lu Meng was known to be rowdy in his youth, but as he aged he grew more serious and scholarly, realizing that the best warriors can bring both strategy and might to work together. Now it's time to prove how far he's come!

Task: Master 2 decks.

Reward: 4 cards and 2 crayons

ORANGE: Battle of Hefei
Ling Tong is lazy. L-A-Z-Y. And he'll show up when it counts, but nobody's going to notice if he puts off a few training drills for later, right?

Task: Be a lazy bum and go three consecutive days without logging anything (link me your logs and give the dates I'm looking at).

Reward: 5 cards

YELLOW: The Yellow Turban Rebellion
Zhang Jiao has amassed a peasant horde by spreading the teachings of the Way of Peace, but there's no such thing as too many followers. Help him find some more people to hear the good news!

Task(s): Trade with 15 players.

Reward: 8 cards

GREEN: Battle of Fan Castle
Being the son of the God of War is a lot to live up to, but Guan Ping is going to make it or die trying. Help him get stronger!

Task: Level up OR earn 100 cards.

Reward: 5 cards and 1 crayon

BLUE: Battle of Guandu
How do you break a numerically superior force? Taking out the supply chain is a good way to do it...but without knowing where the supply depot is located, Cao Pi needs to get some scouting done. Cover some ground for him by making use of all Colors has to offer.

Task: Use 3 services.

Reward: 6 cards

PURPLE: Battle of Xiapi
The best strategies come from knowing your terrain and your opponent and using that knowledge to your advantage. A snowy spring, low enemy morale and some poorly defended floodgates, for example...but to top that strategy, Jia Xu's going to need the information to come up with something even better.

Task: Answer 10 games.

Reward: 5 cards and 1 crayon

BROWN: The Nanman Campaign
The Nanman tribe have proven a tough nut for invading armies to crack, between natural barriers and the help of the many animals of their region. From elephants for mounts to tigers that fight at their side, they've got an impressive range of allies...but a few more never hurts, right?

Task: Turn in 4 cards featuring animals or mascots! These must be earned in September. You will lose these cards.

Reward: 8 cards

GRAY: Battle of Jiange
Wen Yang is a righteous warrior who wishes to find worthy opponents who prove that there are still heroes in this land. Find him some!

Task: Turn in 3 cards of powerful warriors. These must be earned in September, and you will lose these cards.

Reward: 6 cards

You can earn up to a total of 47 random cards and 4 random crayons for completing the tasks for this month.

Completing all the tasks will earn you an additional 13 random cards, 3 random crayons and the GRAND PRIZE!

GRAND PRIZE A: 8 choice character cards
GRAND PRIZE B: 4 choice special cards

These coupons are meant to be redeemed at the art shop, so you don't have to worry about listing off the cards in this post; just present the coupon there when you're ready. Neither of these prizes come with an expiration date, so you may hold onto them as long as you like before using them, but for simplicity's sake, they must be redeemed in one go - i.e. all four specials at once.

You have until October 1st at 12:01AM to complete these tasks. (I am not going to be a dick about time zones, so if it's still the 30th somewhere, you're fine.) Good luck!
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3rd use!
ᕙ( ᐛ )ᕗ  INFO : bea
post | logs | early prizes - yes | grand prize B

ᕙ(゜∇ °)ᕗ  RED TASK : completed!
Master two decks.
itadakimasu and pursuing

ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ  ORANGE TASK : completed!
Don't log anything for three days.
inactive between September 9 and September 14
and a lot more other long inactive periods this month...OTL...

ᕙ( ͡- ͜ʖ ͡-)ᕗ  YELLOW TASK : completed!
Trade with fifteen players.
AL, Johanna, Sammich, Liz, Chives
Jailynn, Kaede, Eon, Adelicya, Illia
Veth, Ari, Moe, Akito, Cal

ᕙ(^◇^)ᕗ  GREEN TASK : completed!
Level up or earn 100 cards.
to lime!

ᕙ( ̎ᑒ ̎ )ᕗ  BLUE TASK : completed!
Use three services.
Recycled Art, Art Studio, Art Shop

ᕙ(’-‘︠)ᕗ  PURPLE TASK : completed!
Answer ten games.
Guess the Color 236, Acrostic 72, Combo Breaker 102, Help Miss Kamila 83, Reading Between the Lines 175
Reading Between the Lines 174, Combo Breaker 104, Coloring Book 109.5, Switch It Up 105, Arazlam's Clues 265

ᕙ(' ͜ >')ᕗ  BROWN TASK : completed!
Turn in four cards earned in September that feature animals or mascots.

nekotalia12, bond15, agility04, polearms18

ᕙ( ᐛ )ᕗ  GRAY TASK : completed!
Turn in three cards earned in September that feature powerful warriors.

bluegrad04, chivalry01, versicolor19
I'm not very familiar with the characters in bluegrad04 and versicolor19, but hopefully Google didn't fail me!

/adds this in case of timezones!
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