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Dr. Wily's Remodeling Lab 34

Have some cards rusting away in your dusty old trade pile? Dr. Wily is in need of parts for his robots and experiments, and your cards might be the thing he's looking for.

Dr. Wily's Remodeling Lab is a game where you can take 2 old cards and turn them into 3 new ones! Fulfill Dr. Wily's parts requests once a round and you can earn up to 2 extra cards, for a total of 5 cards!

Each week, you can hand Dr. Wily two random cards and see what you get in return. Work within his rules of remodeling, and he'll be more willing to give you certain cards back, or work to fulfill the different levels of Dr. Wily's parts requests to increase your return. You're free to play however you like! But the cards you get back won't ever be completely random; they'll always be based on the cards you give to him!

the remodeling explanation →
Dr. Wily is capable of turning your old cards into new cards, but there are a few rules of remodeling he has to follow. The cards you give him will always determine the cards you get back!
Each card you turn in carries 3 different variables: a color, a name, and a number. Taking the two sets of variables from your two donated cards, they are inserted into each of the three wheels shown below, and following the two rules of remodeling, your 3 result cards are created!

Each round, Dr. Wily will also have two levels of test subject requests you can try to fulfill when submitting cards, with the first level earning you an extra card from one wheel (chosen at random). Fulfill both levels and you'll earn yourself a bonus card decided by Dr. Wily himself, for a total of 2 extra cards!

You can only attempt to fulfill Dr. Wily's parts request once per round (that's once every two weeks), so choose wisely when you submit!
the 2 rules of remodeling →
1. Choose the shortest distance between two variables on the wheel.
2. Follow the submission order of the cards.
by color →by name →by number →

Your first card is determined by the two colors of your donated cards.

► Red card + Yellow card = Chance of Red, Orange, or Yellow card
► Red card + Red card = Red card
► Red card + Blue card = Chance of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Blue card card
► Blue card + Red card = Chance of Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey, or Red card

Your second card is determined by the two names of your donated cards.*

► 'blackwhite' + 'copy' = Chance of 'blackwhite', 'copy', or any card between
► 'blackwhite' + 'blackwhite' = 'blackwhite' card
► 'blackwhite' + 'savate' = Chance of 'blackwhite', 'savate', or any card between on the wheel (S - Z, A - B)
*For decks beginning with numbers, they would fit in between 'A' and 'Z', with 0 next to Z and 9 next to 'A'.

Your third card is determined by the two numbers of your donated cards.
► 10 card + 15 card = Chance of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15 card.
► 10 card + 10 card = 10 card
► 17 card + 2 card = Chance of 17, 18, 19, 20, 1, or 2 card.
► 1 card + 11 card = Chance of 1 - 11 card.
► 11 card + 1 card = Chance of 11 - 20, or 1 card.
the parts requests →
Level One: Your cards must be cool coloured! (BLUE, GREEN, GRAY, or PURPLE)
Level Two: Your cards must be cool coloured AND be numbered 1-10!

"If you complete my requests this round, I may be willing to part with a random special card."
notes →
► You may only remodel 1 pair of cards per week. Rounds will last two weeks.
► You must donate two cards (1 pair) at a time.
► You may only attempt to fulfill Dr. Wily's parts requests once per round! If you complete any level in week one of a round, you may not do so again, or try for a different level, in week two.
► You do not have to fulfill Dr. Wily's parts requests to remodel your cards. You can ignore them if you'd like!
► Cards will be remodeled throughout the round, so be certain which two cards you want to remodel before posting your comment. Make sure to check the order of your cards as well!
► You lose the cards you are remodeling.
► Turned in cards will be given to Recycled Art, so please include the card name along with the card image when remodeling.
► Special cards may not be turned in, as they have two colors instead of one and so don't fit into Dr. Wily's remodeling formula.

This round will close on June 2nd.
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panic19, rozan08

(I just wanted to check, but did I do this correctly? It's been a while since this round closed and if I misunderstood the rules of the game, I apologize.)
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Hmph, so you've completed my requests. I suppose a reward is in order.

And now, marvel at my genius!
Yellow-Brown = Blue
P-R = Q
19-08= 20
+ 3 Random cards for the wait! (I apparently skipped over a few by mistake. My bad! D:)