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Continue the Story with Unown 34

This lovely banner was created by Kuri!

The Unown are known very well for all being in the shapes of letters but do they ever spell out anything? The answer is yes! In fact, Unown have quite the love for story telling! They've decided to search out players that can spin one fancy tale and wow them!

How To:
Completely changing the way the game works in an attempt to make this game easier and more accessible for people to answer. Each week a different, random deckname will be picked. Your job is to respond with a sentence related to the deckname. BUT- You will continue from the sentence posted before yours! This means the whole story must be related to this deckname. For instance, If the person before you wrote: "Once upon a time there was a sad cat.", you would then respond with a sentence continuing from there!

1) You may post up to as many times as you want! There is no limit anymore!
2) For each sentence you post, you will receive three cards. The minimum number of sentences is one, but if you'd like to write two, three, four, etc -- feel free! The more, the better!
3) You may include any anime, manga, or video game characters you'd like but please remember that others will be continuing from your sentence so try to make it something simple enough to respond to.

The deckname this week is:


This round ends May 13th, but a new round will go up on May 12th to keep the game on track. I'm sorry for not posting new rounds for the past couple of weeks. Real life has gotten busy. :(
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I looked up at the waiter, all flowers and smiles. 'Ha, you can have the one on display. I'll get the fresh one in the back!' I thought to myself.