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member list updating

member list updating

Hello, fellow mods! If you take care of Joining, Masteries, Levels, or Signatures please comment here weekly with updates so the member list can remain up to date.

Who joined this week? Please fill out this form below for each new member and put the info between <textarea></textarea>.

Replace name with the person's name. Replace DW name with the person's DW name and type that out in the link. Don't replace www, but do fill out the link to their card post. Replace deck with the deck they're collecting. Replace 00/00 with their birthday.

Comment here with a list of who mastered what this week and what they're collecting now. Use the person's nickname and not their DW name. You do not have to put this info within a text box.

Comment here with a list of who leveled up this week and what their new level is. Use the person's nickname and not their DW name. You do not have to put this info within a text box.

Signature Cards
Please link new Signatures every week or so, and I'll update the site with them.

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Hope I did it right >_O
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Thanks Kuri! I almost forgot you offered to help. Thanks for remembering. ^__^ I've added this, and I'll be more available tomorrow. :)

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:D I kept it on my mind so I wouldn't forget. Only two people have joined. D: Just waiting for sabriel to reply to my comment :D

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Thank you Kuri! Would you mind taking over the join post...? I kind of like only having to add them. XD; If you don't want to take care of it, I can have it back now. I have a lot to catch up with though!

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O: Oh, sure. XD I can be the mod for it :D I'll do my best o/
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Thank you~ ♥

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x3x there are two names there;

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Added, thanks!

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Maybe I should wait til the end of the day to add them so i don't have so many posts D: What would you rather me do? D:

Signature Cards - Update

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Image Image Image Image Image Image

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Re: Signature Cards - Update

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Added, thanks!
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End of one day would be good. I see that friends drag in other friends. XD;
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two names there :D
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Thanks! I updated the members list with these.

Oh, and for future newbies, make sure you use dashes for their names in the links to their journals (instead of underscores). LJ is funky in that the links display as dashes, but they're actually underscores in the real my link is, but my LJ name is actually lucathia_rykatu.

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3 new members :D 1 pending right now ♥ I might switch it to once a week XD let's see...releases are wed? tues? I can't remember *darn doctors*
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Updated! I'm sure we will get fewer members later on. XD; Once a week is good too as long as you pick a day.

Releases are...random. It was Wednesday this time because I had time on Wednesday. I'm aiming for the start of each month, but I won't even be home near July 1-5, so it'll be at the earliest, July 7th next time. XD

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June 03-June 10


Tari mastered meister and is collecting stapler right now!
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Updated, thanks! :D