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Rolling Down the UMN 34 - Holiday Special!

U.M.N., short for Unus Mundus Network (One World Network), is an informational network that spans the entire universe.

Welcome back Shion! I've got your report from last time all ready!

1. Tachikawa
2. Neptune
3. Yamazakura Elementary School
4. Planet Keron
5. Kiyoshi Teppei, from Kuroku no Basket

Thank you, Bunnie. I'll be sure to send these onto my boss. Now, I have another assignment.

No problem! Leave that to me and the UMN.


This is a Holiday Special!
This round will last for two weeks, since I know this week will be busy for a lot of people.
I'm giving you answers and you have to tell me what the question is! The following sixteen statements/things have all been answers to a question in one of my rounds - one answer from each of the sixteen rounds I've hosted.
They aren't in the right order... but can you tell me what the questions are?


1. Ratio
2. Growlithe; Growlie
3. -cchi
4. Victoria Powered
5. Cats
6. Neptune
7. The WORLD by Nightmare
8. Shin-Lu Belvedere
9. Cries and Whispers
10. Headphones
11. Ozuma and Flash Leopard
12. Masayuki Katou
13. Nebulapolis
14. Howl
15. Usa-chan/Bun-Bun/Ousi-chan
16. Mamoru Miyano the Beautiful (title optional)

This round is worth sixteen cards in total! Answer everything correctly to earn the bonus: four extra random cards and two crayons. That means you can earn a whopping 20 cards and two crayons in total!
This round closes on Tuesday, 6th January, 2015.

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