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Rolling Down the UMN 33

U.M.N., short for Unus Mundus Network (One World Network), is an informational network that spans the entire universe.

Welcome back Shion! I've got your report from last time all ready!

1. Ouri
2. Ai Kayano
3. Shin-Lu Belvedere
4. Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi

Thank you, Bunnie. I'll be sure to send these onto my boss. Now, I have another assignment.

No problem! Leave that to me and the UMN.


- This is a Trivia game!
- There will (usually) be 1 answer for each question! In the event of there being multiple answers, I only need 1 answer.
- Each week may vary between the amount of questions and rewards!
- All questions will be about series featured in this TCG, no matter how obscure or big the series is.
- Generally, rewards will be one card per answer. If it's really obscure, then I'll tack on prizes.
- Though they will often be just questions, I may incorporate art or picture questions.


1. What city of Japan does 'Gatchaman Crowds' take place in?
2. In 'Hyperdimension Neptunia', who is the older sister of Nepgear?
3. What is the name of the school Ako Ozora attends in 'Kaidan Restaurant'?
4. In 'Keroro Gunso', what planet is Sergeant Keroro from?
5. "If you wanna climb a mountain, you obviously aim for the top but you gotta enjoy the scenery too." Who says this, and from what anime?

This round is worth six cards in total! Answer all five questions correctly to earn this week's bonus: one random crayon!
This round closes on Tuesday, 23rd December. CLOSED.

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