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The rules have changed, so please make sure to read them over before commenting!

Art Shop
Completed a sketchpad recently? Have crayons that you'd like to trade in for choice cards? This is the place to do it! If you're looking for a place to swap doubles for other cards, random or choice, please consider taking a look at the art studio.

Currency at Colors come in the shape of Crayons. Crayons are like IOUs. They're a special privilege that can be used once to get a choice card of the same color as the crayon (so a red crayon could only be traded in for a card from a red deck, like food or light music); deck colors can be viewed by visiting the deck's page or by viewing the deck list alphabetically.

In the case of signature cards, you may trade in a crayon that is the same color as your signature, but you may only trade for your own signature (e.g. I, Fumika, can only trade for sig_fumika, but if I wanted sig_aru I wouldn't be able to trade in a crayon for that; I would have to trade Aru for a copy of it.)

Each crayon can only be used once though, so think carefully before you trade them in! After using a crayon and having a mod respond to you, any crayons used must be logged and removed from your card post (e.g. art shop: traded 1 blue crayon for classical01.)

Currently, the exchange rate for crayons is as follows;

1 character card = 1 crayon of the assigned color
1 special card = 2 crayons, 1 of each assigned color
1 signature card (yours) = 1 crayon of the same color as your signature


Sketchpads work a lot like frequent customer cards, except that instead of getting a hole punch every time you buy something, you get to check off a box with each card you trade! At Colors, you complete a sketchpad with every 20 cards you trade out, and turning it in here will net you 2 random cards and 1 random crayon.

You can mark them in any way you like or choose to trade them in blank, whatever works best for you is fine as long as you've completed the appropriate number of trades. If you prefer to only use one sketchpad, you may also simply post one and denote the number of sketchpads you're turning in. (i.e. sketch_lucathia01.gif x10) An example of a blank sketchpad is shown below.


Ready to turn everything in? Please comment to this post with the following:

- If you're trading a crayon for your signature, you must include the file name of your signature card (e.g. I would ask for sig_fumika.)
- When trading in sketchpads, please display the image of the Sketchpad in your comment.
- NEW!! When trading in crayons, spell out the card names completely, without any capitals or spaces. (e.g. cardname01, cardname02 NOT cardname01/02.)
- NEW!! Please use the following form when commenting, deleting any sections that aren't applicable: