Hello dear players! Our event madness is almost over! Thank you for participating in our Anniversary, I hope you've had fun!
After all that super hard work, it's time to relax! Here is the bonus day I promised at the beginning of the month.

You may comment here and claim one of the 20 Lucky Seven cards, in case you missed one. If you got all of them, you can always grab one for a player who didn't and trade it to them. You don't need to wait for my reply to log the card you take.

Also, for some additional fun, let's take a look at the results of Day 7! See how many crayons did you win.

Come in! )


Since all 20 days (and the bonus day) of our Anniversary events have been posted, you may soon be able to master our amazing Lucky Seven deck!

For mastering this deck you will get 3 random cards and a crayon (same as with special decks), but instead of a choice special card, you can choose one of the following prizes:

A - instant mastery of any character deck! That means all 20 cards and the mastery badge, but without the mastery rewards for it.
B - 20 random cards

You submit the mastery as usual, on Masteries page. However, instead of the regular form, please use this one:

Please make sure that you physically received all 20 cards before you submit your mastery (no pending cards).

Happy mastering!

This event, like all Anniversary games, will close on July 1st CLOSED!, noon GMT!
20 June 2017 @ 02:16 pm
Hey everyone! Let's slow things down as we near the end of our 7th anniversary. Today, we're not going to be doing any hard or challenging games.

We will be having a laid back discussion about movies. Through the years, there have been movies (and series) based on video games, manga, and anime. Some have been horrible, some decent, and some are even amazing! The goal of a discussion, of course, is to discuss! Not just with me but with each other~

You can talk about your favorite or hated movies (or series). Or, perhaps, you'd rather talk about movies you would like to see be made. Basically, talk about anything movie related with each other!


Just for replying to the topic at hand, you will receive luckyseven20 plus 5 random cards

and as incentive for having a actual discussion with each other, you will receive an additional 3 crayons if I see that you're having an actual discussion with each other!
You can go ahead and grab the anniversary card right away!

As with all the Anniversary games, this game ends July 1st, noon GMT!
19 June 2017 @ 09:30 pm

Hi everyone, this year's Anniversary is coming to an end soon but today we're going to watch some anime! Or read some manga if you prefer.

First, go to Crunchyroll or Random Anime. You can also use any other site that has a "random result" button. If you'd rather read manga instead, any site that allows you to randomly choose a series will do (the one that starts with a B for example).

Pick a series at random. You may repeat this step if you get something you already know or something that obviously isn't your thing. If it's an anime, watch the first epsode (or at least 5-10 minutes of it). If it's a manga, read the first chapter. Then post your impressions and if you'd ike to continue watching/reading in at least 2-3 sentences.

Please use the following form:

For sharing your thoughts you'll get luckyseven19, one choice character card and one choice special which you can take immediately. You'll also receive five random cards.

This game (and all other anniversary games) close July 1st, noon GMT!
17 June 2017 @ 10:58 pm

With a deck name like "lucky seven" how can you NOT test your luck a little?
Let's play higher or lower!

Here's how it works:
  1. Comment with the bet of your choice and what play this is. You will lose whatever you bet, and you can play up to five separate times.
  2. I'll reply with a random Colors TCG card.
  3. You reply with your guess as to whether the next card will have a higher or lower number.
  4. I reply again with the result and if you're right, you get fabulous prizes!
(They'll be an example comment below if this is confusing.)
Just for playing, you'll receive luckyseven18 on your first play, win or lose.

Other prizes vary depending on your bet. You can bet a regular card, a special card, or a crayon.
Bet a regular card and you could win three random cards!
Bet a special card and you could win three random new release cards!
Bet a crayon and you could win a random crayon AND a choice card!

This (and all other anniversary games) close July 1st, noon GMT!
(Games that start before the deadline will be allowed to finish through July.)

yes, of course I used the Impact font for him

Hi players! I hope you're enjoying our Anniversary so far! There haven't been too many discussion events this year, so have one from me!

The topic today is anime and video game directors!

Do you have any favourite directors? Do their works have some distinctive style that you like or are they just that good? Do you follow their social media activity and interviews or you just don't give a damn and simply enjoy your media?

Tell me about your favourite anime director for three random cards! Tell me about your favourite video game director for another three random cards! (Note: indie creators who make games on their own work too). You can do one or both, or even none and just tell me that you don't have any particular faves. Either way you can take luckyseven17 without waiting for my reply.

This event will close like all the other ones, on noon GMT, July 1st CLOSED!.
16 June 2017 @ 11:24 am

art by me! :D

Time for another discussion round and this time we're going to discuss one of my favourite things about being into animangames....

What are your favourite anime/manga/video game tropes?

Do you love sympathetic villains, or maybe enemies-to-friends or friends-to-lovers? Action moms, high collar of doom, deus ex machina, emotional flashbacks? The list is endless, and I want you to tell me about some of your favourites! Feel free to include example images or videos if you like!

As a reward you will receive luckyseven16, one choice card and six random cards!
You can take your luckyseven and choice card straight away, no need to wait for me to hand them out!

This and all other Anniversary games end July 1st, noon, GMT!
15 June 2017 @ 09:10 pm

I know. My incredible photo edits make grown men weep at their beauty, especially when they include glorious 'staches. Don't worry, grasshoppers. I shall teach you my ways.

We're gonna color some manga panels!

Pick a manga panel - any manga panel you like (but please keep it worksafe) - and color it however you like, then share your creation below!

(If you're more of a games/anime person and have no idea what to color, here's a few panels you can yoink.)

Everyone who shares their creations can take luckyseven15 and a choice card of some color prominent in your image right away. You'll also receive 5 new release cards.
ALSO, you can get a bonus crayon if you give a character in your coloring a GLORIOUS 'STACHE.

This (and all other anniversary games) close July 1st, noon GMT!
14 June 2017 @ 05:41 pm

Hey everyone and welcome to Day 14 of our Colors Anniversary! It's time to have a little fun and play a fun childhood game~ And since our Colors Universe characters were getting just a little bit anxious to join in the fun, we will be letting them play with us! The game we have decided to play today is Hide and Seek. You'll be the seeker and the Colors characters will be the hiders. Your job as seeker is to find them.

But, not to worry, this won't be a very hard job!

As with all the Anniversary games, this game ends July 1st, noon GMT!
13 June 2017 @ 02:09 pm

Today is the lucky 13th day of the Colors TCG 7th Anniversary! I bet you are all enjoying those nice special cardsfor the event. But, what about those cards you CANT get? Such as... Fake decks!
So why not make your own deck? A lot of series and topics can't be used on colors (like western shows, couples, fanart, celebrities, ect.) But wouldn't you like to make one for yourself? Just make a fake deck with a topic of your choice and share it with everyone here on colors! We have a template for Character decks and Special decks.

Even if this deck wouldn't be used on colors, I'm sure your color friends would be interested in seeing what kind of decks you would have! You can make as many as you want, but you will still only get the same amount of cards
Take a look at the past versions of this event, and last December's to see some of the decks everyone thought up! 

If you cannot make a deck, or do not have the ability, why not talk about some decks you would like to see.

For making a deck or replying, you can take a choice character card, choice special card, and luckyseven13

Like all Anniversary games, this post is open till July 1st!
12 June 2017 @ 10:02 pm

Hi everyone, it's the 12th already! We've had games before where you had to identify owners of signatures, player banners or icons. This time we'll see how well you know the card posts of people you trade with!

You'll have to identify owners of the following card posts. No need to link them, just give me the DW username or player name of the owner. (if one of these is yours and you're planning big changes, no need to keep them absolutely untouched but please make the portion depicted recognizable till the end of June!)

See the pictures )

For each card post you get correctly, you'll get three random cards. For getting at least two correctly, you'll get luckyseven12. For getting all of them correctly you'll get an additional two choice special cards!

This game (and all other anniversary games) close July 1st, noon GMT!
11 June 2017 @ 01:49 pm

Are you guys having a good time so far? Let's take a little break and chat together! This game is a mix of a discussion and sheer luck! The question is....

Who is your favorite member of the Colors Universe

Tell us who your favorite of our rainbow of characters is and something you like about them! If you've drawn/written something about them, feel free to plug that as well.

Everyone who answers the question can take luckyseven11 right away! And, as a bonus, each character has a secret prize attached to them that will be revealed and passed out at the end of the event! (Prizes will be randomly assigned to characters and have roughly equal value, so despite my obvious fav, you don't get a better prize if you understand why Kou-kun is best character. He is best though. Look how adorable he is!!!)

This (and all other anniversary games) close July 1st, noon GMT!

Hello, players! Are you enjoying the anniversary so far? This day is a bit... different than the others. But I'm sure you'll like the rewards!

Day 10 inside! )

Please link me your reward thread, otherwise I won't be able to give you your prizes before closing the game.

Have fun! Remember, this event, as all Anniversary events, closes at July 1st, noon GMT CLOSED!!
09 June 2017 @ 01:17 am

Since this was a popular one last year, I'm bringing it back for this Anniversary too!

First, go here to create a bingo card out of your fandoms/series you are collecting decks from. Take a look at last year's post for examples. Post it in a comment!

Second, take a look at people's bingo cards and mark all the fandoms you share. Comment their bingos with your answers and possibly bond with people you didn't know you shared a fandom with?

For sharing your bingo card you will receive luckyseven09 which you can take immediately and 4 random special cards. In addition to that, after Anniversary closes, you'll get one random card for every bingo you reply to, no matter how many fandoms you match! For every bingo you get on someone's card, you'll get an additional crayon. This is to encourage people to reply! However, unlike last year, I'll ask you to compile links to all bingo cards you replied to and all bingos you got on people's cards, so passing out rewards doesn't kill me like last year

Please use this form

This game, like all anniversary games, will close on July 1, noon GMT!
08 June 2017 @ 03:45 am

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 8th day of the Colors Anniversary!

Today's activity is going to show your fellow Colors TCG Players how strong your party is!
Whats that? You don't know what I mean by 'party'? Why, your RPG Battle Party of course!! You don't have one? Well, now is the time to Make one!!

Get your game hats on!! )
Your reward for participating in this is 3 Choice character cards! They have to be the 3 colors you picked for your border (If you use Pink, take that as a red or purple) and of course luckyseven08 as well! No need to wait for me to give you the cards, feel free to log them once you post your team!

As with all the Anniversary games, this game ends July 1st, noon GMT!

Hello dear players! I hope you're enjoying our Anniversary events so far! Here's a one that I've been doing for the last few years, hope you're gonna like it!

Please join us for our Colors Family Feud-style special!

Come in! )

Please link me your reward thread, otherwise I won't be able to give you your prizes before closing the game.

NOTE: This event will technically close before the other ones, on noon GMT, June 21st CLOSED!
However, you will still be able to answer the questions and get the Lucky Seven card, as in all other Anniversary events, till noon GMT, July 1st CLOSED!. The only difference is that after 21st you won't be able to win crayons, because your answers won't count towards the point totals.
05 June 2017 @ 07:36 pm

We're on the sixth day of our anniversary celebration! For today's event, I am stealing this fun game from the 4th anniversary. :P We've had many players join since then, so we should get some fun new takes on the game. Many thanks to Astral for putting the original together!

Have you ever wanted people to tell you their favorite books, or movies, or television shows, but all they give you is a list of names or titles, and you have no idea if you'll like them?

Details )

As with all the Anniversary games, this game ends July 1st, noon GMT!
05 June 2017 @ 04:44 pm

Hello, Colors! Happy Anniversary! For today's event, we're focusing on an integral part of Colors - the games! There are a wide variety of games here at Colors, most of which are hosted by at least one character. Using the set of clues below, can you identify the game and its host?

Details )

As with all the Anniversary games, this game ends July 1st, noon GMT!
04 June 2017 @ 02:39 pm

art by me! :D

We're four days into Colors' seventh anniversary and so much has happened already but we still have a lot of opportunities to celebrate, so today we're going to write a story together!

This game will work similarly to a game we used to play in Colors called Continue The Story, but there will be a few differences in this special Anniversary version.

Read more... )

This and all the other Anniversary games end July 1st, noon, GMT!
03 June 2017 @ 06:45 am


Art by Moon

Happy Anniversary everyone! We're glad that you have all come to celebrate a wonderful seven years with Colors!

For the third day's task, I'm going to ask for all of your beautiful artistic skills! Or maybe not so beautiful artistic skills (but who am I kidding? You all are wonderful, so your art will be too!). I want everyone to draw their favorite character. The character may be from an anime, manga, or video game, just as long as it's from a Colors approved series. Any kind of drawing will work - hand drawn or digital!

As a reward, you will receive luckyseven03, four random cards, and a choice card that is either blue or brown (because my all time favorite characters are Rinoa and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII and those are their deck colors!)

You can go ahead and grab luckyseven03 and your choice card right away, no need to wait for me to hand them out!

As with all the Anniversary games, this game ends July 1st, noon GMT!
02 June 2017 @ 02:12 pm

Happy Anniversary every- huh?? Midori~n??? What are you so grumpy about? Are you starting to feel old?

Well, I know what always cheers me up when I'm down on a birthday - the presents! 
Today's task is to give a gift to 3 of your fellow Colors TCG players! A gift for this game is a card or a crayon (or more if you want!) Comment below with links to the comments where you gave the 3 lucky players their gifts.

For completing this task, you can immediately take luckyseven02 and a choice card of the same number as your birth month. (So if you were born in July, you'd take a choice 07 card, for example.) I'll also reply to your post with three random crayons!

This (and all other anniversary games) close July 1st, noon GMT!