25 December 2016 @ 09:09 pm

look, it's a holiday-themed picture but it still manages to be a swimsuit one!

Happy Holidays to all of you who celebrate, Colors players! How it's been? We've had 24 Advent Calendar days and now te annual event comes to an end. For our last day, the theme is hopes for the year 2017!

2016 has its reputation and it's well-earned. Everyone is looking forward to the new year. Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to in the new year? Life-wise, fandom-wise? Or nothing in particular is coming up but you're hoping for the new year to bring better stuff than the current year did?

Share with us to get any choice card numbered 16, any choice card numbered 17 and 14 random cards, two of each color!

Like all Advent Calendar days, this post is open till December 31st
My Sunday games will be posted domorrow, guys!
24 December 2016 @ 01:17 am

Happy Holidays, everyone! Over here in Poland the Christmas Eve is actually the most important day so we're having not one but two giant dinners today :D Hope you're having a good time as well!

There's only one week left in 2016. I know it got a lot of bad rep, so let's focus on its positive side for a moment! What were your favourite things about this year, fandom-wise? Did any of the new series or games capture your heart? Did you get any new all time favourite characters, ships, or umm... ice skaters? Or maybe you've attended some fun event related to any of these? Let's all share some positive memories from this year!

For answering, you can claim two choice cards with numbers that sum up to 24! They have to be from different decks, though! For example, you could take cain05 and asobot 19 or over900010 and icecar14. No need to wait for a response, just include your claims in your comment!

As all Advent Calendar posts, this one is open till the end of the year, on December 31st!
24 December 2016 @ 01:13 am

Now that we're only two days away from Christmas, let's have another discussion game!

Today's topic is about things that you treasure. It can be a gift that someone gave to you, or something you attained by yourself -
an item, an occasion, a memory. Maybe something you worked hard to get, or something that you shared with a friend; anything goes!

For answering, you can take two choice cards adding up to 23.
For example, 17 and 04 would qualify! You can log your cards as soon as you comment, no need to wait for me to reply.

This game, like all other Christmas games, ends on December 31st!
22 December 2016 @ 09:45 am

Hey there, Colors! You know that thing that hath charms to soothe the savage breast? The one that if it be the food of love, play on? That's right, we're talking about music! And today's post is about sharing some of that good stuff with everyone else. c:

Comment here and share some links to a song or two (or, if you're me, 22 ._.;;). They can be all-time favorites, songs you've had stuck in your head recently, holiday music - anything, as long as it's some kind of rhythmic sound-based composition and you enjoy it! Commentary is optional but always loved. For sharing these, you'll receive three red and three green cards! Merry holiday. ♥

This game, like all Advent Calendar games, is open through December 31!
21 December 2016 @ 04:35 pm

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

(there's an acnl event today for anybody who plays that btw and that's totally me and my lil town in the header~)

There are few greater joys on a dark, cold day than curling up with a hot beverage and a good book... or maybe a good fanfic? Or heck, watching a good AMV? Looking at good fanart? Being a nerd and staying inside when it's dark and cold is pretty great, IMHO. 

So, today's task is to share some of your favorite fanworks with us! What fanfic gives you all the feels? What art that the artist said was "just a doodle" makes you want to flip a table at its majesty? Maybe you picked up some cool fanmade merchandise at a convention this year? The definition for this is pretty open. If you're really drawing a blank because fanwork isn't your bag, technically, our lovely Colors decks are labors of love by fans, so you could show off a deck you think is particularly pretty! You're also welcome to plug fanwork you made, but at least one thing you talk about needs to have been made by somebody else. Please be sure to link to and slap a warning on any mature or otherwise questionable content. Multiple recs are encouraged! 

Feel free to reply to one another's posts and get a discussion going!

For answering, two choice character cards from darkly-colored decks, so maybe a deck that's black, navy blue, forest green, etc. If you think it counts as a dark color, it probably does, so just use your best judgement. No need to wait for me to reply to take that card. These CAN be from the same deck if you do desire! You'll also receive two random December release cards! 

This game is open till December 31st!
20 December 2016 @ 09:25 pm

Hey everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying this year's Advent Calendar so far! Today we've got a special game round called:

Christmas Puzzle Palooza!

Details inside! )

And that's it! Use this form for your answers:

Like the other Advent Calendar posts, this game will close on December 31st!
19 December 2016 @ 06:30 pm

I didn't forget! Its just a late post! 

I'm sure you all have been enjoying this advent calendar! Especially since you are all getting a lot of nice free cards! But what about those cards you CAN'T get? as in cards that do not fit the Colors standards.
So why not make your own deck? A lot of series and topics can't be used on colors (like western shows, couples, fanart, celebrities, ect.) But wouldn't you like to make one for yourself? Just make a fake deck with a topic of your choice and share it with everyone here on colors! We have a template for Character decks and Special decks.

Even if this deck wouldn't be used on colors, I'm sure your color friends would be interested in seeing what kind of decks you would have! You can make as many as you want, but you will still only get the same amount of cards
Take a look at last years post to see some of the decks everyone thought up! 

If you cannot make a deck, or do not have the ability, why not talk about some decks you would like to see.

For making a deck or replying, you can take a Choice character card and a Choice Special card


Like all Advent Calendar games, this post is open till December 31st
18 December 2016 @ 05:40 pm

Hello, Colors! Hope you're all having a lovely day. Today's event is a logic puzzle!

Details! )

This game closes on December 31st!
17 December 2016 @ 02:10 pm

Hey, Colors! Do you have amazing skills of an artist? Do you have absolutely no skills of an artist? Do you like free cards? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then do I have the game for you!

For this day of Advent Calendar, using any level of artistic skill you wish to exercise, draw a choice card! This can be done in any medium: MS Paint, Photoshop, pencil and paper, or even ink, if you're daring. Look at this day from last year for examples! As you can see, you don't have to be painting the next Mona Lisa here. As long as what you draw looks vaguely like the card it's supposed to be when I take off my glasses and step back a few feet, you'll be fine. :P

As appreciation for your skills of an artist, you'll receive the card you drew and three random cards of the same color, so please include the card name and color in the same comment as your masterpiece!

This game, like all Advent Calendar games, is open through December 31.
16 December 2016 @ 05:47 pm

Tell me about your favourite Christmas memes! If you don't have a favourite, tell me one you found funny, or one that you're sick of looking at.
I know I'm a memer but it's not up everyone's alley, so let's just share some good stories all around. Links and/or images are super!

For answering, you can take one choice card with the letter 'm' in it and one choice card with 'e' in it! It doesn't have to start with M or E,
the letter just has to be in the deckname. You can log your cards as soon as you comment, no need to wait for me to reply.

This game, like all other Christmas games, ends on December 31st!
15 December 2016 @ 07:34 pm
(I'm having problems with my internet, so no banner for the moment!)

I spent yesterday evening baking for a work event today, so today's discussion topic is desserts!

Sure, we already have a discussion post on food eaten during the Christmas holiday, but let's talk about desserts and sweets in general. What are your favourite sweets? Or if you don't have a sweet tooth, what do you like to have for dessert? And... if you have any good recipes, feel free to link them, I'm always looking for ideas. :P

For answering, you can take one choice 15 card and two random special cards! There's no need to wait for a response for the choice card.

This game is open until December 31st!
15 December 2016 @ 01:10 pm

Hmm, this advent celebration is missing something... like a swiftly beautifully trimmed tree! Of course, here at Colors, we decorate with cards, cards, and more cards!
we must decorate swiftly )
BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! If we manage to fill the tree entirely, everybody who helped decorate will also receive a random crayon! (And we'll start another tree so anybody who hasn't donated yet still can.)

You have time until December 31st to participate, because everybody knows nobody bothers to take down their tree till after New Years anyway. 
14 December 2016 @ 06:37 am

Good day to all of you! Christmas is almost behind the corner! Are you excited? ♥

Kazama-kun! )


1 Jin Kazama: 2 random cards, 1 random crayon
2 Jin Kazamas: 3 random cards, 2 random crayon
3 Jin Kazamas: 4 random cards, 2 random crayons, 1 choice card (remember to claim and log the card you take)
4 Jin Kazamas: 4 random cards, 2 random crayons, 1 choice character card and 1 choice special card (remember to claim and log the card you take)

You have time until December 31st to answer!
12 December 2016 @ 11:17 pm

The ever popular draw your choice card game is still to come, but here's another drawing game in the meantime!

For today's event, draw any character(s) you want with two different colours prominently featured in the drawing -- for instance, Kaworu Nagisa lounging in a bathtub full of strawberries and bananas (red and yellow) or Oikawa Tooru sitting in a blue garbage can with a green tiara on his head (blue and green). The entire drawing doesn't need to be in done in your two choice colours, they just need to be present in the drawing. The drawings can be as simple or as detailed as your heart desires, and can be drawn using any medium (MS Paint, by hand, etc.) I encourage you to make your drawings as nonsensical as possible.

For submitting your masterpiece, you'll get two choice cards - one for each of the two colours featured in your drawing. Please indicate your choice cards and their colours in your comments. You will also get two random crayons!

This game is open until December 31st!
11 December 2016 @ 07:31 pm

Hey everyone! Another day means another Advent Calendar post! And today we've got another fun way to get some cool prizes:

Winter Wonderland Dress Up!

Details inside! )

Like the other Advent Calendar posts, this game will close on December 31st!
11 December 2016 @ 01:08 am

Let's talk about... Food! Is there something you only eat during Christmas? Something you must have every Christmas? Something that's traditionally considered as Christmas food, but you might eat it all year? Christmas favorites? What food makes Christmas for you?
Whatever comes to mind on Christmas + food, really, because apparently I'm talking about food a lot today / this month.

For answering this, you can take choice card number 10 and you will also get 2 random crayons. No need to wait for me to give the card to you, just say what it is in your comment and log it!

This game is open until December 31st!
08 December 2016 @ 10:17 pm

I was on holidays in a nice and warm place last week, and now I'm back in my cold and snowy city... Yay. So today's discussion topic is on winter!

What do you think of the winter season? What are your favourite winter activities? Or do you dread the cold weather and prefer staying bundled up indoors? Perhaps you live in a climate where it stays warm all year -- What does the winter season entail where you live? (If anything? Maybe there's no difference between seasons? I have no idea. /o\) Do you think you would enjoy the snow and colder weather? Talk anything winter!

For responding, you can grab one choice blue card and one choice gray card! Please indicate what you're taking in your comments, but there's no need to wait for a response.

This game is open until December 31st!
08 December 2016 @ 08:04 pm

Hey everyone! I can't believe it's already time for the Advent Calendar again. This year has flown by for me!

The holidays are upon us, which means that in our house, the TV is usually turned to a Hallmark Christmas movie. I feel like that's all my mom watches this time of year, and they just...keep...making...them. But I guess Lacey Chabert and Danica McKellar need to eat, so. Which brings us to today's topic: Do you have any favorite holiday movies, shows, anime, etc. that you like to watch every year? If so, what makes it so special? Do you get together and watch it with your family? How did you get introduced to it? This can be for any holiday, not just winter ones! (I always watch episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark when I'm getting ready for Halloween.) Or if you don't have any favorite holiday-themed movies/shows, is there anything you tend to watch every year, just for fun?

Comment to this post with your answer and you will receive one choice regular 08 card and two random specials! You can go ahead and take the choice card as soon as you post, just don't forget to say what it is in your comment and log it!

Like the other Advent Calendar posts, this game will close on December 31st!
08 December 2016 @ 10:43 am

Seasons Greetings, trainers! You rush out of the cold into the warmth of the Pokemon Center. As you brush the snow off your very stylish trainer hat, you realize there's a gift exchange going on!
Read more... )
07 December 2016 @ 05:56 pm

Sorry for the delay!

Just yesterday we bought the christmas tree for our place, so here's a discussion round about holiday decorations!

If you celebrate Christmas or any other winter holidays, do you decorate your house, your room, your cat? From Christmas trees to Ramiels hanging from the ceiling (yup that was our actual theme last year), tell us about whatever you want. If you don't decorate your place, maybe you've seen some cool decorations in your town that you'd like to talk about?

For answering, you can grab two choice cards with the number 6, but they have to be the same color! Please tell us what you're taking in your comment, but there's no need to wait for a response.

This game is open till December 31st!