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Kazuya's C-C-COMBO BREAKER! 31

Hi everyone! Have you seen Kazuya's Triple Spin Kick? It's a pretty devastating move, he claims. So devastating that he could probably wipe out unsuspecting opponents by doing just that, over and over. However, nobody likes spammers so how about introducing him to some other combos? The longer, the better! However, be careful, since if your combo gets interrupted, you have to start all over!
- Every week you will be able to pick a button, similar to how Pick a Color works. Every button can be either HIT or MISS.

- The number of HITs in a row you accumulate is the length of your combo but the moment you get a MISS, you lose all of it.

- You don't have to play every week to build up your combo! Time that passes between your HITs doesn't matter as long as you don't get a MISS. Feel free to skip a round or two if you decide that it's too high risk or you just don't have time to play!

- You are able to turn in your combos for prizes. Longer combos yield much bigger prizes but you have a greater chance of being interrupted so it's up to you if you'd rather take the risk or play it safe.

- When turning in your combo, please provide links to all HITs that are part of it. Also, once you turn in a combo, you can't reuse these HITs for your next combo.

- Please redeem your combos in THIS thread. There will be one posted with every round of this game.

In This Round
7 buttons are hiding a HIT!
3 buttons are hiding a MISS!

HITx1 Cards
HITx2 Cards
HITx3 Cards
HITx4 16 Cards
HITx5 32 Cards
HITx6 64 Cards
HITx7 128 Cards
While claiming your rewards, please use this form

This round ends on Thursday, May 8th CLOSED NOW!

Coding of this post is thanks to [personal profile] despedia!
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Combo Length: 7
Links to your combo parts:

Only took me six...months... orz I am so not a gambler.

Second use!

Thank you!!