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Member cards at Colors are called "signatures" because we're all ~artists~! To get your own signature, please fill out the form below and provide us with an official image to use. No doujinshi or fanart is allowed except for fanart done by yourself.

Signatures from players who have left will be considered retired. Returning players are expected to apply for a new signature.
Your signature will be displayed here (currently down!) on the website. Signatures count as 1 towards your card count, and trading them counts towards sketchpad completion. You may earn mastery rewards by collecting 20 unique signatures.

Signatures may only be traded for other signatures, you may only trade your own, and they cannot be given as gifts.
Signatures are not unlimited. You'll start off with three copies for free. To acquire more signatures, please use the Art Shop or the Art Studio. At Art Shop, you can trade in crayons with the same color as the border of your signature for 1 copy of your signature per crayon. At Art Studio, you can trade in three cards for 1 copy of your signature.

Link to image:
Color 1: (the darker color in the example)
Color 2: (the lighter border in the example)
If you don't pick a color then it will most likely be the color most prominent in the image. Color 2 is usually a lighter shade of color 1.
Other requests: (how you'd like your pic cropped, etc)
Link to your card post:

If there are multiple characters in the image you're using please either crop around the character you want or describe the character you want in your signature! If you want more than one character in the image I can try to fit them in, but space is tight. Thanks ♥!
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Name: Olivia
Link to image: here
Color 1: whatever you think looks best!
Color 2: same as above
Other requests: I'd like a crop that shows the knife - something like this or this
Link to your card post: here
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Really sorry for a delay! Here's your signature! If you wish anything to be changed let me know.

Your signature is currently NOT on the website but when it gets uploaded the url will be:

Until then feel free to use it as it is or upload to your own webspace, thank you