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Colors Universe Open Fic and Art Submission (May 2013 - July 2013)

Click here to visit the art gallery!

Here we are with a new media submission post! First of all let's round up all the submissions from the previous round. Thanks for all the contributions, guys!


Aoi-sama fail!cosplay Grell by Bao
A Rather Cold Aoi-sama by Bao

untitled submission (grumpy gin-sensei!) by Bao

Kou-kun Chibi by Netbug
Chibi-Kou by Gargant

Dwarven Midori~n by Kuri
'Tude by Netbug

Winter Mikan by Muri
Chibi-Mikan by Gargant
Mikan desu!! by Ori

pixel doll! by Bao

Kurocchi doodle by Aru
Sleepy Time by Ka-chan
Kurocchi + Shirocchi by Ori
Shirocchi doodle by Aru

TOB-I by Netbug

chibi akai and chibi aoi by Chuu
Friends Forever by Meru
Colors Team Racing by Raven


Television (part 3) by John
Television (part 4) by John
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life by Chianna
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (2) by Chianna
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (3) by Chianna
Aoi-Sama's Sonnet by Fel

Not a bad selection! Thanks again, everyone!

October/November Open Fic and Art Submission!!
For each character's designs, please visit the website.


Memes: As with the last two media posts, I'll offer to extra crayons for anyone who completes either of these art memes! Please consider it!
Art meme - various expressions
Art meme - cosplay closet

Guidelines for submitting art:
♥ Your artwork must be of Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Midorin, Aoi-sama, Murasaki-dono, Tobi-han, Gin-sensei, Shirocchi, Kurocchi, or any combination of them!
♥ Your art must be in color.
♥ Your art must be at least 400 px wide. Larger sizes are lovely, as we might use them in banners or other graphics!
♥ You must save your art as either a gif, png, or jpg. Beware of transparency issues, as our gallery does not display transparency too well~.
♥ You may submit up to three pieces of artwork (you can submit more but will receive no rewards for them).
♥ Rewards are as follows:
-full body shot = 4 random cards, 1 random crayon
-upper body = 2 random cards, 1 random crayon
-two or more characters in the same shot = 4 random cards, 1 random crayon (regardless of whether or not we see all of them)

When submitting your art, please comment below, label the subject of your comment with ART, and then use the form below.

4-koma & Longer Comics
For the comic fans!

♥ Your comic must feature Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Midorin, Aoi-sama, Murasaki-dono, Tobi-han, Gin-sensei, Shirocchi, Kurocchi, or any combination of them!
♥ 4-koma must be in full color. Longer comics don't necessarily have to be in color.
♥ You must save your comic as either a gif, png, or jpg.
♥ You may submit up to three pages of comic for rewards. Submitting more will net you no rewards, but we'd still love to see them. 8D
♥ Rewards are as follows:
-1 page of comic = 4 random cards, 1 random crayon

Although as demonstrated last round, poetry is fine too! Get creative, you guys :>

♠ Your fic must be about Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Midorin, Aoi-sama, Murasaki-dono, Tobi-han, Gin-sensei, Shirocchi, Kurocchi, or any combination of them together.
♠ Your fic must be at least 200 words long.
♠ Your fic may use one of the themes/situations below (even if it's in a very minor way) it's totally optional at the moment though!
♠ Post your fic directly as a comment. If your fic is longer than the character limit for comments, please reply to your first comment with the rest of the fic.
♠ You may submit up to three separate pieces. You may submit more, but you'll only receive rewards for 3 pieces.
♠ Rewards are as follows:
-over 200 words: 2 random cards, 1 random crayon
-over 500 words: 3 random cards, 1 random crayon
-over 1000 words: 4 random cards, 1 random crayon

When submitting your fic, please comment below, label the subject of your comment with FIC, and then use the form below.

Here are some themes and situations you can consider to jog your creativity. ♥ They're optional for both Art and Fic (and Comics!). You are also free to use themes from previous open fic and art submission posts!

For this round, I feel like honouring the upcoming Anniversary! Sure it's a few weeks off yet, but this post will still be running when it arrives and we should celebrate that!

♥ Parties!
♥ Cake
♥ Balloons
♥ Gift-giving
♥ Memories
♥ Reminiscing
♥ Looking Ahead
♥ "This time last year/next year..."

This round will end July 31st 2013 - so a little longer than two months! Let's get creative :>!

[identity profile] 2013-05-29 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
♥ Your name: Netbug
♥ Link to submission:
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: No Hats?!
♥ Description of submission: Kou-Kun in a school uniform, but I can't imagine he'd like Japan's strict dress codes. I always feel naked without my hat.
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[personal profile] teto 2013-06-28 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
♥ Your name: Celi
♥ Link to submission: Here
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Smile, Mikan-tan!
♥ Description of submission: n/a
adurotum: (Oh dear god no.)

[personal profile] adurotum 2013-06-30 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
♠ Your name: Ten
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: Real
♠ Characters: Aoi-sama, Mikan-tan, & Kou-kun
♠ Word count: 511
♠ Theme used: No theme used.
♠ Author notes: I hope drabble works are okay, it's the only kind I can really write :x
♠ The body of the fic:
"Is it real?"

It was the sheer disbelief that anyone would question any part of his absolutely perfect being as artificial that kept Aoi-sama, yes he did prefer to refer to himself by that title in his own mind, from answering immediately with a snipped comment. They caught in his throat instead from the shock, jumbling over and over each other in an eagerness to bubble out and attack his questioner, until Aoi-sama was forced to swallow them down and reorganize them into a structure more suiting of his mouth. Certainly just because his current company was of low class didn't mean he also had to st-

"Well? Is it?" Kou prompted again, interrupting his thoughts with that same, aggravatingly self-pleased smile of his, as if he'd been the first to stumble upon some hidden secret about Aoi-sama's true nature. Aoi-sama would have been tempted to smack it right off of his face if he were the uncultured sort to do such a thing. As it was, he reminded himself that he was above that sort of behavior and simply settled on leveling an unimpressed look at Kou, with thinly veiled discontent layered underneath it.

The blond idiot, of course, wasn't educated enough in the ways of subtlety to catch the hidden distaste in his gaze and kept on smiling.

"Yes, it's quite real. I assure you that I would not settle for any sort of-"

"Oh," Kou said quickly in response with a thoughtful frown, cutting straight through Aoi-sama's well-crafted and thorough reply that would have ensured Kou would never ask such a ridiculous question again. The simplicity of his response made Aoi-sama want to grind his teeth, another gesture he'd never actually perform and thus had to settle for doing such mentally.

"Just checking, because I heard from Mikan-tan that wearing a fake eyepatch'll make you blind." With a flash of a grin, Kou headed off, leaving a very still Aoi-sama in his wake, watching him with a narrowed eye. When Kou rounded the corner, Aoi-sama counted quietly and calmly to ten in his head. Still no one sneaking peaks at him around the corner. Slowly, he turned around in place and lifted the eyepatch, blinking rapidly at the sudden light filling the vision in his right eye.

Hah! What ridiculous nonsense, I can see perfectly fi-

"I knew it. You owe me two yellow crayons, Kou-kun."

"Maaan, I thought I had that one."

The two crouched figures now peering around the corner both jumped at the audible snapping sound that came from Aoi-sama's direction, eyes darting up toward the taller figure then toward each other. Maybe voicing their thoughts hadn't been the best of ideas.

"Later!" they both blurted out before taking off, narrowly dodging the worryingly sharpened blue crayon that now stuck firmly out of the wall between them. If there was one thing completely unaffected by Aoi-sama's lack of depth perception, it was his aim with a crayon and neither Mikan nor Kou were keen on finding out just how good his aim was with two working eyes.
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[personal profile] tempestuously 2013-07-02 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
♠ Your name: Nayami
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: The Missing Orange
♠ Characters: Shirocchi and Kurocchi, with minor appearances by Gin-sensei, Mikan-tan and Midorin
♠ Word count: 877
♠ Theme used: Well, it's kind of gift-giving but not really...
♠ The body of the fic:

It was a hot summer day and Shirocchi and Kurocchi were both languishing underneath all their fur, even with Gin-sensei's air conditioning going at full blast. Tobi had dragged the others off on some wild adventure, but Kurocchi had chosen to stay behind to avoid the worst of the weather. Not wanting to leave his friend to her lonesome, Shirocchi had declared he would remain at home as well.

By now, Kurocchi wasn't sure whether going on the trip would have made any difference. Her black fur just seemed to be a magnet for the heat and she rolled around miserably, while Shirocchi tried to console her with jokes or guessing games. Nothing seemed to work.

Running out of options for distracting his friend from her unhappiness, Shirocchi decided he would find her a delicious snack. Surely, something cool and tasty would get Kurocchi's mind off this terrible heat. He bounded into the kitchen to search for the perfect treat. But, alas, the others had not gone on their weekly shopping trip yet. They probably planned on doing that once they were done adventuring.

Shirocchi searched and searched, but there were no scrumptious treats in sight. He flopped down to think. He thought about Kurocchi trying vainly to nap beside the closest air vent, the way she stretched her furry body out completely in hopes of spreading out the cooler air. There had to be something here for his friend.

Then he remembered the private stash of oranges Gin-sensei always kept around for Mikan-tan's visits. He usually stored them in the smaller cooler in the basement. Surely, Mikan-tan wouldn't mind giving up one to Kurocchi in such a dire emergency as this. But Kurocchi was also fond of Mikan-tan. What if she got upset?

Well, it couldn't hurt to try, Shirocchi thought. And with that, he bounded down to the basement to grab an orange. Lifting the cooler's lid was a bit harder than he expected since he had never done it before; they usually asked Gin-sensei to fetch their snacks for them. But after some panting and pushing and with his big back paws, Shirocchi finally managed to get it open.

To his dismay, there was only one orange left!

Shirocchi stared at the fruit. What if Gin-sensei forgot to buy more today? That would mean no oranges for Mikan-tan. What if she became upset with him? That would be terrible.

But somehow it seemed much more terrible to deny Kurocchi something that might help her feel better. For that, he was willing to take any scolding. Resolved, Shirocchi seized the orange in his teeth and scrambled to close the lid once more.

When he returned to Kurocchi, she was looking more exhausted then before and was even panting, as her fluffy tail flopped from side to side, the tiny bell attached jingling happily in sharp contrast to the state of its owner. Kurocchi lifted her head when she saw Shirocchi approaching and her eyes widened in delight at the sight of orange he carried. It seemed Kurocchi did not realize it belonged to Mikan-tan.

Shirocchi smiled at his friend and rolled the orange toward her. Kurocchi pounced on it immediately and made short work of the peel with her clever teeth. She then proceeded to savor the orange's cool juices, eating the fruit slowly in a series of licks, nibbles and sometimes sucking bites. All the while, she looked up at Shirocchi with a grateful look in her eyes, purring softly. Shirocchi was so pleased about making Kurocchi's day better that he completely forgot that he had stolen the orange.

Much later when the others returned, Shirocchi and Kurocchi were busy playing another game of riddles, Kurocchi's favorite. It wasn't until a loud wail rang from the basement that Shirocchi remembered to whom the orange had belonged. Kurocchi looked puzzled, as Mikan-tan disappointingly explained that her orange was missing. Shirocchi started to tell Kurocchi the truth when Midorin suddenly suggested that they were all due for a grocery trip anyway. Once more, the humans piled into their vehicle and were off.

Although it seemed the situation was resolved, Shirocchi couldn't help feel guilty about taking Mikan-tan's food and not even telling Kurocchi. Kurocchi had noticed Shirocchi's strange mood by now and nudged him, encouraging him to say what was on his mind.

Immediately, the entire story about the orange came out, as Shirocchi hung his head the entire time. But once he was finished, it was Kurocchi who looked away, her tail flicking anxiously. She admitted that she had known it was Mikan-tan's orange all along, but she had just been so eager for something cool that she had eaten it without saying anything. She never realized that Shirocchi also knew it was Mikan-tan's and had thought she was also keeping the truth from him. Kurocchi apologized for never telling him what she knew.

At the realization that they had both known everything all along, Shirocchi burst into tiny giggles. It seemed they were both a little devious this time. He nuzzled Kurocchi and they both decided that they would find a way to tell Mikan-tan what happened when she returned. They would also ensure that she received extra attention for the next few visits.

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[personal profile] ivoryandhorn 2013-07-03 03:56 am (UTC)(link)
♠ Your name:
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: Bank robbers Midori and Tobi strike
four banks, CPD chase ends in escape
♠ Characters: Primarily Midorin and Tobi-han, with speaking appearances by Akai-san and Aoi-sama, but everyone's mentioned at some point
♠ Word count: 376
♠ Theme used: none (unless you want to count "looking ahead" in a very vague way... I was more focused on trying to work in villainy for the June Pot of Gold.)
♠ Author notes: I can provide a fancy table-coded version (as seen here on my journal), which I think helps drive home the pastiche and is really just fun, but I've copy+paste'd it here without the coding for now.
♠ The body of the fic:

Bank robbers Midori and Tobi strike
four banks, CPD chase ends in escape

By Ivory N. Horn
The RRA Press

COLORS, DW—Notorious bank robbers Midori and Tobi struck again yesterday afternoon, robbing four banks in the Recycle Dart area for a total of at least $9600 in valuables before evading authorities in the Trade Comm area. They were last seen heading out of the city.

The robberies began at approximately 3pm. Midori and Tobi entered the Akai International branch located at the intersection of Shirocchi Drive and 4th Avenue. According to witness statements, they focused their attentions on taking the valuables of patrons before leaving. Witnesses who attempted to exit the building found all entrances had been blocked, which delayed the notification of the authorities of the robbery.

Midori and Tobi continued in a roughly diagonal path through the Recycle Dart area, robbing Gin Financial Bank, Kou Credit Union and Bank of Mikan branches in a similar fashion along the way. Their final robbery took place near the intersection of Kurocchi Street and 30th Avenue. At this point the duo drove away in a black sedan parked near the bank, heading for the Trade Comm area.

By then, the Colors Police Department were in hot pursuit of the duo. A 50-minute car chase through the city ensued, with Midori and Tobi evading authorities near Standard Avenue and Special Boulevard. They were last seen heading away from city outskirts along I-20.

Detective Akai, who was present at the scene of the robbers' escape, stated that despite this latest setback, the CPD was confident that Midori and Tobi would be found soon and the stolen money recovered. He added that the CPD was offering a reward for any information leading to the capture of the robbers.

Also at the scene was Detective Aoi, who declined to comment on the CPD's ongoing efforts to capture the criminals. He cited the Times-Chronicle-Gazette's refusal to address him as "Aoi-sama" as the reason for his continuing refusal to speak with TCG staff.

This is the fourth robbery spree by Midori and Tobi, bringing the number of banks they have robbed to 20. Despite Detective Akai's confidence, it would seem that the duo have mastered both bank robbery and evading police capture.
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lluvia: Allie&GEESE ‡ Hyperbole and a Half ‡ (Dinosaur)

[personal profile] lluvia 2013-07-03 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
♥ Your name: Floor
♥ Link to submission: Here!
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Sensei no
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[personal profile] despedia 2013-07-03 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
♥ Your name: Delitan
♥ Link to submission: HERE
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Suave gin-sensei
♥ Description of submission: none

now with the right account...
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[personal profile] ahtreide 2013-07-07 02:07 am (UTC)(link)
♥Your name: Drea
♥ Link to submission: here!
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: The Perfect Gift
♥ Description of submission: What's a great celebration party without gifts? Someone's given Mikan-tan her holy grail...
Edited (unlimited edit/mistake works) 2013-07-07 02:13 (UTC)
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[personal profile] fall 2013-11-15 01:18 pm (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] frogberri 2013-07-12 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
♥Your name:Berri
♥ Link to submission: Small | Large
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Mikan-Tan Sailor Fuku
♥ Description of submission: Mikan in sailor fuku cosplay. Because orange sailor fuku are in short supply!

♥ Your name: Berri
♥ Link to submission: Small | Large
♥ # of submission: 2
♥ Title of submission: Kou-Kun Headshot
♥ Description of submission: Nothing interesting to say. I'm sorry. ;;
Edited 2013-07-12 03:29 (UTC)
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[personal profile] fall 2013-11-15 01:19 pm (UTC)(link)
baredick: ([Judal] dies from laughter)

[personal profile] baredick 2013-07-28 06:40 pm (UTC)(link)

Your name:
♥ Link to submission:
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Belly Dance
♥ Description of submission: yeah drew for Colors League because I have always draw something for it.
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[personal profile] fall 2013-11-15 01:20 pm (UTC)(link)
ulquiorrasch: (mikan)


[personal profile] ulquiorrasch 2013-08-05 04:11 pm (UTC)(link)
♥ Your name: Naociak
♥ Link to submission:
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Mikan on stage
♥ Description of submission: Just Mikan singing :P

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[personal profile] fall 2013-11-15 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
accelerator: (i'm gonna eat this fuckin cat)


[personal profile] accelerator 2013-08-06 06:27 am (UTC)(link)

Your name:
♥ Link to submission: yo
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: That Akai Is On Fire
♥ Description of submission: this somehow ended up being even redder than I intended.
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[personal profile] fall 2013-11-15 01:22 pm (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] fall 2013-08-06 07:27 am (UTC)(link)
♠ Your name: Fumika
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: Notice me, senpai!
♠ Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Murasaki-dono
♠ Word count: 1599
♠ Theme used: Parties, sort of.
♠ Author notes: I'm not sure what I just wrote either.
♠ The body of the fic:
The morning was, in a word, normal. The day started out in such a perfectly average way that it was almost boring. Warm sunlight filtered into the room through the sheer curtains. The birds chirped energetically and the cicadas joined in on the chorus. The alarm clock added it’s own high notes, screeching erratically from it’s place on the nightstand. Meanwhile, the man, far less content with the morning than his surroundings, rolled over. His face smothered in the pillow, Akai groped on the nightstand until he found his target, palm bearing down harshly on the snooze button. It lay there limp for several seconds before he thought better of it and, reaching around, flipped the switch.

It was just another day in Akai’s life. Waking up, turning the alarm clock off and sitting up and stretching his arms out, leaning to each side. Turning to look at the alarm clock, vision still blurred from the sleep and squinting from the light, mumbling to himself about how he overslept and would be late to some appointment or another.

Except, there was something subtly different about this day. There was a flicker of movement that shouldn’t have been there, like somebody was sketching on the walls in front of him. Akai wiped the sleep out of his eyes, stretched out again, rubbed his eyes once more before lazily looking out in front of him. That thing which he had been so quick as a simple trick of the light were short, neat rows of words--sentences. There were only three of them. At the end of the last one hovered a white triangle, contracting and expanding as it perpetually pointed to his right.

When he looked in the direction it was pointing, he saw nothing. Upon reading the words, however, any traces of sleep that remained vanished into the air.

> How long has it been since I first took notice of you? Senpai...
> The leaves are beginning to change color, but you remain oblivious to my feelings.
> Will you notice me today, senpai?
> I wonder these thoughts as I reach over to turn off the alarm clock and rub the sleep out of my eyes.
>I look to the right. There’s nothing there. Senapi. If only you were here.

Those were, without a doubt, the same actions that he had committed moments ago and, upon reading of them, he found a singular image flickering into his mind. His ideal. His senpai--, but that was certainly strange, considering he didn’t have one.

“What the Hell...?

A heavy frown crossed his face.

>The thought of you makes me sad. I frown.

The words continued to change as he reached out to touch them. Ripples appeared, distorting them before they reformed, twisting his every action into something obsessive and heartfelt; as though he were a love-struck schoolgirl. Perhaps this was one of Mikan. At first he chuckled gently, shook his head as he considered that this might be one of her pranks. It was startling and perhaps a bit annoying, but entirely harmless. Of course it would be harmless. Mikan was energetic and playful, prone to invading personal space and getting too excited and acting in completely erratic ways, but she was harmless. This, too, should be harmless.

At least, that’s what he thought at first.

Within moments he realized how wrong that was. The text started reading strange things about cheeks turning hot when thinking about senpai (Mikan...?) and he found that his cheeks, too, were turning hot. Stranger yet, underneath the text various options had begun to appear. It was like he was a stranger in his own skin. The ghost text forced him out of bed and into the bathroom, out the door and towards where he knew that Mikan would be.

When he caught sight of her, two options appeared on the screen:

>Approach her.

The text changed from white to red as it moved up and down the list. He recognized those movements from video games, but never had he seen it in real life. Worse yet, when it selected “Hide!” he found himself compelled to hide behind the nearest tree, shyly (even though he’d never felt shy around her before,) a piece of toast lodged between his teeth (when had he even gotten that?) It was humiliating. It wasn’t even like being a school girl, it was like something out of a kid’s cartoon.

Mikan was too observant for his shy self though, and she turned around and waved her arm energetically.

“Hiiii, Akai-san~ Why are you hiding from me?” She cocked her head curiously as she questioned him, before clapping her hands together in front of her and breaking into an excited grin, “Ooh, I know! We’re playing hide and seek, right!? And you were hiding!” Without even waiitng for a response, she gave an innocent giggle and shook her head, her tone becoming somewhat teasing.. “Wooow, you’re really bad at this game!”

I can’t move my body! I’m being controlled like a video game character! Is what he wanted to scream at her, but the option that the red text selected (and thank God it skipped the “confession” option,) was to go along with her plan.

“Uh, yeah. You found me.” He smiled in spite of feeling a part of him die inside, plucking the toast out of his mouth. “Didn’t I tell you? It’s, uh, national hide and seek day! Yeah!”

“Really? I didn’t know that! Oh! I know, since I found you, I get to hide next!”

How could she buy that excuse...


“No time for that! I’ve gotta go hide! Oh, I’m going to scatter some oranges around, and then you can find them too! It’ll be just like an easter egg hunt--no, better, it’ll be an Easter Orange Hunt! The one who finds the most oranges gets the grand prize--a life time supply of orange pie!”

Completely ignoring the gaping holes in her eccentric logic, Mikan skipped off merrily. The options grew worse and worse as the day went on. He found himself confronted with strange, vaguely romantic options about all of the women and most of the men--all of which were skipped in favor of pursuing Mikan. He made her cakes. He found her. He hid from her. He suddenly found himself throwing her a surprise party for her birthday, though it wasn’t for much (fortunately, despite the rest of the his friend’s confusion, Mikan didn’t seem particularly bothered by this fact either and called it a “new tradition.”)

The worst thing was in the middle of this party. The text that he had come to dread scrolling came upon another option.

>Senpai...I can’t bear these feelings any longer. Today’s the day! I’m going to be brave, senpai! For you!

There was only one option underneath all of this, highlighted in red and accented with a beating heart.


This time he did manage to regain a certain amount of control over himself, his hands running through his hair, clinging to his scalp as he gave a long, drawn out “no” that left the rest of the party guests staring at him. It was the agonized cry of a dying animal as he took steady footsteps and found...and found...

...that Mikan was nowhere to be found after all. That was fine. He used the brief moment of clarity, one that he was only dimly aware of, to flee from the room, still panicking and for all the world looking as though he’d just seen a ghost.

Meanwhile, tucked away in the corner of the room stood Mikan and Murasaki stood together. Murasaki held a glass that looked more like it was suited for wine than punch in one hand, the handle dangling between her thin fingers as she took small sips of it. Meanwhile, the far less elegant Mikan tore away at a cute, tasty-looking piece of cake that had been decorated like half of an orange in her honor.

“So,” Murasaki began, “Has he noticed?”

“Noticed what, Murasaki-dono?” Mikan blinked, eyes glimmering with a curious interest.

“About that little prank of yours.”

A bright giggle and then Mikan shook her head.

“Oh, no, that wasn’t me! That was Gin-sensei! He said he was going to perform an important experiment today and that Akai was going to help him! He called it ‘The Dating Simulator 2.0’...I wonder what happened to the 1.0? And what about all the numbers after that?” A gasp accentuated her words as her eyes continued to brighten at the possibilities.

“Maybe he skipped all the other 1.0 because he wanted to help people who felt like they were number two! Yeah! That’s right, he said it was for people who wanted to figure out how to date people! Oh, but I think he used something weird as his base. He was re~ally worried that he wouldn’t be able to find anyone to help, so I’m sure he was glad when Akai-san volunteered!”

In response, Murasaki only shook her head and offered a small chuckle of her own.

“Yes, of course. What an elegant way of testing the waters. Just make sure you choose something even more graceful, hm?”

With a cheerful nod, the two continued talking about various odd things, effectively leaving Akai to discover his part in this most recent experiment on all his own.
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inarticulate: Ginshu from Amatsuki smiling. (we're never alone)


[personal profile] inarticulate 2013-08-08 08:13 pm (UTC)(link)
♠ Your name: Lepidopteran
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: Colors Academy of Love: Scene 1
♠ Characters: Tobi-han, Midorin
♠ Word count: 602
♠ Theme used: Looking Ahead/Dating Sim (for Pot of Gold)
♠ Author notes: There's unlikely to ever be a scene 2, but this wouldn't leave my head until I wrote it down.

(I hope it's okay that I'm posting this in August? There doesn't seem to be a new post up, so…!)
♠ The body of the fic:

Colors Academy. Even the title rings with promise. These illustrious halls are filled with the best and the brightest, coming from all over to study art with the true masters. This is a place for a true adventurer. There are six dorms in use currently, but as you step into the office, it is with the determination that from today on there will be seven.

The young woman sitting at the desk is busy applying makeup as you step inside. She looks up, her luminous golden eyes examining you from head to toe. You put on your most charming smile, hoping that she'll return it, but she looks down at her desk again, instead. "Tobi-han?" she asks, sounding bored.

"That's right!" you say, "and I have a request about my dorm assignment--"

She holds up a gloved hand. "Look, if you don't like your roommate, you have to wait at least a week," she says. "And then you have to go through the dorm heads. I'm just a student worker."

"Oh, but that's not what--"

"And," she continues, narrowing her eyes at you, "you've just arrived! How can you even know you want to change rooms."

You wait, but she seems to be finished. Her glare, however, tells you that you'd better think twice before pushing the issue.

• Drop the issue altogether and ask for her name.
• > A true adventurer never backs down! Explain what you really want.

You might not win any points with her this way, but this is what you really want from your time at Colors Academy, and you won't let go of your dream so easily. "I want to move into the haunted dorm," you say. The words ring with confidence and echo around the room as the young woman's expression changes into one of bafflement.

"The haunted dorms," she repeats slowly.

"Yes!" You beam at her.

She's silent for a while longer, but the expression on her face changes to a contemplative one. She props her chin in her palm and her elbow on the table. "Well, you've got guts," she says, and her voice is warm. "You're sure you don't mean the dorm Gin-sensei exploded a few years back? They're a little leaky, but they don't have ghosts."

"No." You shake your head. "I want the brown dorms. A true adventurer doesn't get scared away by ghosts!"

"You'd be all alone. Nobody would be around to hear you scream."

• She's right… Maybe this is a bad idea.
• > You laugh in the face of danger!

You laugh. "I wouldn't have it any other way." You keep smiling at her, and eventually she grins back.

"Well, okay. I'm not supposed to do this, but maybe I'm curious about what you'll find in there." She opens a drawer and fumbles around in it before coming up with a key on a metal keyring with a brown plastic tag. She sets it on the desk in front of her and nods. "Don't die until you've told me what it's like in there, okay?"

"I won't die anyway," you assure her with confidence as you take the key. "But I can't tell you what it's like if I don't know who I'm looking for."

"Midori," she says, still smiling. "Ask for Midori. I'm in the green dorms."

You smile and salute her before leaving. You feel like you really made a connection there, and you'll be staying in that coveted haunted dorm, that lucky number seven dorm. What could possibly make this first day at Colors Academy better?
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♥ Your name:Stareyes
♥ Link to submission:
♥ # of submission:1
♥ Title of submission: Orange Summer
♥ Description of submission: This is partly a test of my colored pencil coloring skills; I haven't used traditional media in a while. Mikan-tan likes hoodies so that and summer made me think of my usual beachwear when it gets a bit too cold for swimming, or for walking home.

(I also have a larger scan of this if needed.)
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[personal profile] acropolis 2013-08-23 06:23 am (UTC)(link)
♠ Your name: Alma
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: The TCG school for colorful birds
♠ Characters: Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Aoi-sama, Gin-sensei
♠ Word count: 1,279
♠ Theme used: Dating sim -- Hatoful boyfriend style!
♠ Author notes: Inspired by Hatoful boyfriend. A dating sim where everyone but Mikan-tan is a bird!
♠ The body of the fic:
Most days at the TCG school for colorful birds are actually pretty normal! You might think that being the only human in a school full of birds would mean my life is weird and full of action, but for the most part, everyone's just trying to work hard and do well. Sometimes being a different species can cause misunderstandings, but I try not to take it personally.

My name is Mikan, and I'm a freshman at this school. We have fun events throughout the year, and the fall fair is right around the corner. I wonder if Tobi-han is going to organize the cake walk this year! I hear it's the best part of the fair. He always manages to get his wings on the best cakes, and it makes me wonder if he secretly loves to bake. It's way too expensive to buy so many cakes for one evening, right?

"Mikan-tan, are you listening to me?"

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of Kou-kun's chirp. I lean down in his direction and smile apologetically. We're standing right outside the school gates, and for the life of me, I can't remember what's worrying Kou-kun in the first place. Kou-kun is a domestic canary, and he's been my best friend ever since elementary school. He's a little self-conscious because he's not as big or flashy as some of our peers, but I think he's very cute!

"Ah, sorry Kou-kun, I drifted off for a second. What is it that's on your mind?"

Kou-kun's feathers ruffle a bit. "I forgot to groom this morning! I was asking you if I looked okay."

I look over Kou-kun's feathers thoughtfully. Truthfully, there's a piece of gum stuck to his back. My mind weighs the options of what to do next. Should I...

> Lie and tell him he looks great?
> Laugh at him?
> Politely remove it as best I can?

As funny as he looks, I know it'd hurt his feelings if I laughed at him. He's pretty sensitive! And he'd never forgive me if I lied to him and let him look silly to everyone. So, with a smile, I reach over and pick the gum off his back. Thankfully it's not too stuck on him.

"There," I say, patting his head. "Now you're perfect."

He blushes in response, and I mentally high-five myself. We hurry into the school grounds and make a run for it, rushing through the door of homeroom right as the bell goes off. Saved!

I must have gotten a workout running towards the school, though, because it's incredibly difficult to stay awake during first period. It doesn't help that I sit right near a window, and the outside world looks so much more appealing than whatever history lecture Aoi-sama is giving at the moment. Not that Aoi-sama isn't interesting himself, but I'm just not interested in hearing about the civil war of 2061 right now. I yawn and lay my head down on my desk, closing my eyes. Relaxing my eyes for a few seconds won't hurt anything, right?

Wrong. The next thing I know, Aoi-sama's ruler is smacking across my desk, and I jolt up in surprise. Did I seriously fall asleep?!

Oh no, Aoi-sama looks aaaaaangry. Aoi-sama is a rather large and intimidating blue warbler, and when he's angry, his feathers seem to puff up so much that he looks like a porcupine. Actually, that's a pretty funny thought! It makes me smile, and that certainly doesn't do anything for Aoi-sama's sour mood. I wonder if he thinks I'm not taking him seriously.

It's too bad Aoi-sama is such a grump, because he's pretty handsome. He says things during class sometimes that make me suspect he's really a softie deep down (like when he gushes about his favorite former president, Arthur Bluejay), but right now, he looks like he's going to commit murder.

"What's my policy on sleeping during class, everybirdie?" He asks, sauntering back over to the blackboard.

No one answers, and my classmates avoid making eye contact. It's probably the best course of action, because as far as I know, Aoi-sama's never made an official policy regarding sleeping in his class...

"You better have a good reason for choosing to get some shut-eye instead of learning about war rations, Mika-tan," Aoi-sama grumbles, tapping his foot impatiently.

I know I have to say something. If I don't, I risk being written up and sent to the principal's office, and the last thing I want to do is try to explain myself to a falcon. His eyes can stare into my soul, I swear... I stammer as I try to come up with something. Why was I sleeping?

> Is it because his lecture is so boring it lulled me to sleep?
> Or maybe because I can't help it... I'm sick! Is that a fever I feel building up?
> Huh, maybe I wasn't sleeping. I could have just been in deep philosophical thought, taking in everything Aoi-sama was teaching.

"I don't feel so well, sir. I thought I'd just rest my head a little cause it's throbbing super hard. Can I go to the doctor's office?" I ask. It's an awful lie, but probably the most believable.

Almost immediately, Aoi-sama's face softens. "Oh. I see. Yes, of course, Mika-tan. I hope you feel better soon."

I can't believe the lie actually worked. Plus, now I get to visit Gin-sensei. With a shy smile, I get up, coughing a few times before gathering my things and making my way out the door.

Gin-sensei is a chikadee, and he's never seen without his trusty lab coat and glasses. He's used to be visiting him a lot-- I do actually tend to get sick pretty often. It's probably because my immune system is so different from everyone else's.

I knock on his door before entering slowly, and my eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets when I peek inside.


Gin-sensei barely looks up from the concoction he's making. Or rather, he can't look up, because it's smoking so much it's made a thick fog throughout the entire room.

"Oh, hello, Mika-tan! You're just in time to try the delicious drink I just invented!" He picks up the beaker, shoving it in my direction, and looking at me with hopeful eyes.

I look at the beaker warily. I've had bad luck with Gin-sensei's creations before. They're not always meant to be edible, but they're always a risk to try out. I hesitate before responding. What should I say?

> "No way! Last time I tried something you made I couldn't poop for weeks!"
> "Sure, I'll try it if you give me a sick note and let me go home."
> "Am I gonna die?"

"Sure, I'll try it if you give me a sick note and let me go home," I say, returning the stare with an equally hopeful one of my own. He lights up and gives me a thumbs up.

"Deal! But you should really stop playing hooky so much, you know," he sighs, patting my shoulder.

"I will... Bottoms up!"

My fate is in his hands, and I quickly knock back the beaker's contents. Immediately, my eyes widen.

Wow, this is actually... good. Really good. "This is amazing, Gin-sensei," I marvel, tilting the beaker so I can catch every last drop.

Gin-sensei puts his hands on his hips proudly.

"The secret's in the freshly gathered earthworm."

Suddenly, my stomach flips, face turning green. Without a second thought, I rush out the door, making a beeline for the bathroom.

I should really stop falling asleep in class.
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♠ Your name: Michelle
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: Orange You Glad We Met?
♠ Characters: Mikan, unnamed protagonist
♠ Word count: 567
♠ Theme used: Cake, dating sim
♠ Author notes: I hope this is ok! /o\ I formatted it in the style of Persona, eheh.
♠ The body of the fic:
>It's your first day at Colors Academy. This prestigious academy accepts only the brightest and the best in the country. You wonder to yourself how you got in, but no matter. You're looking forward to a year full of learning, fun, and adventure.

>… Adventure? This is school you're talking about. There's no place for adventure, or even fun, for that matter! Now get inside and meet your peers!

> You enter the school and look around. It's bustling and a bit noisy. Looking around, you go over to the bulletin board and look for your assignment. After a few moments, you find your assignment: 2-C. The moment you turn around--

???: Oof!

>You stumble back and see a girl with orange hair. She's pretty cute, you think. What do you do?

>Scoff and walk away
>Demand how a peasant like her dare bump into you so carelessly

???: Oh, no, it was my fault completely! You don't have to apologize for a klutz like me!
>The girl tilts her head, orange pigtails bouncing. They're nearly as perky as she seems to be. After a moment, she nods, tapping her chin.
???: You must be new here! Wow! A mysterious transfer student! This is just like an anime! Or one of those super cute dating sims!
>Anime? A dating sim? Ridiculous. Still, you give her a smile and a nod.
???: I'm Mikan! Nice to meet you!

>Nice to meet you, too.
>I have to get going now...
>Why are you still talking to me? Leave, fool.

Mikan: Yeah! What class are you in?
Mikan: 2-C? Just like me!
Mikan: Hmm... Why don't we make plans for lunch today? I've got this awesome cake I made today!
Mikan: Come on~ You know you want to!

>Get lost.
>Say nothing.

Mikan: Right! Well, let's get going to class! You don't want to be late on the first day, right?

>Mikan takes you by the arm. Already, the day is off to a pretty good start. Your cheeks warm up at the close contact of the smaller girl next to you. You hope that, during the year, you stay good friends...

[Lunch time]

Mikan: Come on! There's a nice, quiet place up on the roof, since a lot of people just stay inside for lunch.

>Mikan drags you up to the roof, humming something about oranges. When you step outside, you can see that she's right: There's no one up here. Almost like she could read your mind--

Mikan: What a waste of a gorgeous day! Not too hot, not too cold~ And the wind is juuuuust right!
Mikan: Come on! Let's eat!

>Mikan pulls out her lunch and sets it up. You can see she loves her oranges: Orange chicken, carrots in what you think are an orange glaze, orange juice, and what you can only imagine is the orange cake she told you about this morning. It's an impressive confection for a small lunch: Two layers with orange cream in between. Fresh oranges and orange whipped cream decorate the top. The cake not only looks tasty, but smells divine. Mikan notices you eying the cake, and she smiles cheerfully.

Mikan: Here!

>She cuts the cake in half and offers you a slice.

Mikan: To a brand new, blossoming friendship! Let's stay friends all year!

>You smile. Yeah, you think, a brand new, hopeful friendship indeed.
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♥ Your name: Shuri
♥ Link to submission: here
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: hi-mi-tsu
♥ Description of submission: I wanted to try drawing Murasaki-dono since I never have before :v
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♠ Your name: Sammich
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: Not Another Colors Dating Sim
♠ Characters: Murasaki-dono, Gin-sensei
♠ Word count: 677
♠ Theme used: Dating sim.
♠ Author notes: I actually have difficulty picturing Murasaki-dono as a student myself but I DO WHAT I WANT OKOK
♠ The body of the fic:

The first day of school is certainly all the excuse some students need to feel nervous, but I can't let myself lose composure that easily. True elegance, after all, goes beyond a refined appearance; it also speaks to the grace in one's actions and in handling every situation with dignity.

With that in mind, it's easy enough not to succumb to the kinds of first-day jitters that so many of the other students around me are falling prey to - turning into blushing, stammering messes when they accidentally run into an upperclassman, slamming lockers shut and then having to reopen them upon remembering they left whatever they opened them for inside, tripping over the doormats as they race back inside the building before the bell rings... It does seem that there are quite a few having trouble today, doesn't it? Perhaps some of them only need a bit of calm reassurance from an older, dignified, and more experienced voice.

- and although I mean myself in that, I don't seem to be the only one who's had such an idea. There's a girl up ahead in the hallway fretting about being unable to find her classroom, but before I can point her in the right direction, one of the teachers steps forward.

I wasn't in Gin-sensei's science classes either of my previous years here, but I've heard good things about him. That he's dedicated to his subjects, that he works very hard to make sure everything is taking the important points out of his lectures and nobody leaves still feeling ignorant...

Those are all admirable traits, but I'd never really been close enough to notice how dignified an air he has about him.

...he is looking this way.

> Try to look very busy reading your schedule.
(But why would I do that? I already have my schedule memorized, and I know I'll finally have his class this year, for eighth period.)

> Smile and wave.
(...maybe, but I'd rather wait for an introduction that gives me time to make the proper impression.)

> Wait until class this afternoon to talk to him.

Most of the day passes - not in a blur, quite, but predictably enough. Familiar teachers, few new students in my classes - it's not until eighth period that anything feels much different than last year.

Gin-sensei wastes little time on ice-breakers or introductions, getting right to the point in outlining everything we'll be going over for the year and starting on the basic concepts. It's understandable, certainly, but it means that my chance doesn't arrive until the bell rings at the end of the day.

> Go straight home.
(There's nothing refined about being in that much of a hurry, especially when one has no pressing appointments to keep.)

> Stick around to say how much you enjoyed the class.
(That's more like it, but I'm sure I'm hardly the first to say such a thing. Isn't there a better way to make a lasting first impression?)

> Ask Gin-sensei if he'd like a student assistant to help out.

His expression lights up as soon as the words leave my mouth. I knew I was onto something!

"It's very kind of you to offer! I have some important scientific ventures in the works, but of course it's harder to devote as much energy to them as I'd like when there's teaching to worry about. An extra set of hands would be most welcome."

He starts leading me to the office in the back as he speaks. I wonder what he'll want help with? Organizing his experiments, properly arranging the reports of his results...

The office is a lot bigger than anyone would expect, from looking at the door. Only the corner in the front could really be properly called an office, in fact; there's more lab equipment here than I've ever seen used in any of the class labs. And in the very back, by the sink, there's a pile of dirty test tubes and beakers that rivals anything I've ever seen...

"What I could really use some help getting started with, though, is cleaning up from my experiments."'s going to be a long year.
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[personal profile] frogberri 2013-08-31 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
♥ Your name: Berri
♥ Link to submission:
♥ # of submission: 3
♥ Title of submission: Mikan-Tan with a touchpad: A tragic piece
♥ Description of submission: Celebration picture! Mikan-tan is too cute not to draw twice. Touchpads make such hideous lines.
Edited 2013-08-31 04:02 (UTC)
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♠ Your name: Nayami
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: Shirocchi in Love
♠ Characters: Shirocchi, Kurocchi w/ other characters in bit parts
♠ Word count: 817
♠ Theme used: Dating sim?
♠ Author notes: I AM SO SORRY
♠ The body of the fic:

It was official. Shirocchi was in love.

For days, Kurocchi had seen him gazing wistfully out the window as he thought about his soul mate. Sometimes, he could even be found wandering through Aoi-sama's garden in search of the perfect flowers for his beloved. Apparently, Shirocchi believed orchids would suit her best. He would pluck the plants from the ground with the utmost care and had coaxed Gin-sensei into providing a small red glass vase for them. Kurocchi was actually becoming a bit concerned over the time Shirocchi spent caring for that vase, as if the failing of a single flower would spell certain doom for his future relationship.

Then, there were the odd habits Shirocchi had taken up since the beginning of his infatuation. More than one member of the Colors household had been subject to his experimentation with every musical instrument he could find. Kurocchi believed a recent competition among their human companions had inspired this sudden interest. Unfortunately, Shirocchi wasn't exactly blessed with talent when it came to music. Having large and highly sensitive ears became a problem for a bit. Kou-kun and Mikan-tan's constant encouragement didn't help matters either.

Eventually, after many very long nights of a pounding head for Kurocchi and most of the household, Shirocchi had settled on the drums. These would certainly impress his intended, he assured Kurocchi. Having heard the "music" Shirocchi produced with the drums, Kurocchi wasn't quite as confident. But she did her best to offer helpful suggestions during Shirocchi's daily practices.

Clothes were another addition. Shirocchi had begun to refuse the collar Gin-sensei had given him and instead taken to searching the man's room for the fanciest ties he could find. Given that Gin-sensei's style ran mostly toward simple, this was a complicated endeavor. Again, Kurocchi offered as much help as she could. But she had to try very hard not to laugh when Shirocchi settled on a black tie with bright red lightning bolts, a past "gift" from one of the younger members of the group. Mikan-tan mostly likely.

Finally, there was Shirocchi's attempt to pierce one of his ears, thankfully rejected by all the others. It had resulted in a moody Shirocchi for the rest of the day until Kurocchi had come up with a way of twisting large paper clips into intricate shapes and attaching them to each other to clip onto Shirocchi's ear. The effort wasn't half bad, Kurocchi felt. Shirocchi was delighted with the originality and said his beloved would definitely appreciate the creativity.

With his new look in place, Shirocchi started disappearing from the house for longer and longer periods of time. He always returned, looking frustrated and would avoid Kurocchi for a while after.

After several days of this, Kurocchi decided an intervention was necessary. She approached Shirocchi after his most recent outing, while he was mooning over his orchids. It took some nudging but she finally managed to make Shirocchi fess up to his problem. It seemed Shirocchi had been trying to visit his intended and express his feelings, but every time he had lost his nerve and fled before he could even knock on the door. He shook his head as he whimpered his fear over being rejected. Kurocchi rushed to reassure him, naturally. That was when she realized... She did not actually know anything about Shirocchi's crush. He never said anything about them, other than proclaiming that they were amazing in every way. Well, it didn't really matter, did it? Shirocchi obviously cared deeply for them, and certainly they would notice his sincerity, even if they did not return his feelings.

A plan was set in motion. Kurocchi would accompany Shirocchi to meet his beloved and provide moral support in case he freaked out again. Shirocchi was grateful and was certain Kurocchi's presence was just what he needed to maintain his courage.

The next day, Kurocchi helped Shirocchi groom his fur, tidy up his tie and place the flower vase and Shirocchi's drum set into a small wagon that they both pulled to a local outside cafe. When she noticed Shirocchi began to tense up a bit, she looked around to see if she could spot the special person that had captured his heart.

Oddly enough, the cafe was almost entirely empty as this hour, except for one person who was absorbed in reading a book at one of the tables. Something about the person seemed familiar to Kurocchi. But before she could ask Shirocchi, he had hopped into wagon and started playing his drums in what he hoped was the perfect serenade.

That was about then that the person reading the book lowered it to reveal a very confused Akai-san, and Kurocchi realized she probably should have asked Shirocchi for more details. Meanwhile, Shirocchi kept playing on, sporting his flashy tie and an orchid held tightly between his teeth and showing Akai-san a hopeful smile.
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♥Your name: Caitie
♥ Link to submission: here
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Oh no I'm late for anime school (also I hope senpai notices me this year)!
♥ Description of submission: Intentionally tropey depiction of schoolgirl!Mikan-tan because I can't take anything seriously. Bonus cameo by Akai-san as senpai.
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cautiousardent: by Mega64 on SA (Default)


[personal profile] cautiousardent 2013-09-01 02:01 am (UTC)(link)
♠ Your name: Mal
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: High School is Hard!!!
♠ Characters: Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Akai-san, Midorin, and Gin-sensei.
♠ Word count: 1059
♠ Theme used: Dating sim
♠ Author notes: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
♠ The body of the fic:

An orange-haired girl took out her lunch and sat it on her desk. She was very excited; today is her first day of high school. She couldn’t wait to meet new friends and see her old ones.

“Hello, Mikan!” a voice said from behind her. She looked around and smiled. It was her childhood friend, Kou. They were in different classes, but they decided to eat lunch together anyway. He sat down in the desk in front of her and turned his seat around.

“Hi, Kou!” she responded with excitement.

They talked and laughed about things that they remembered about middle school. Kou smiled and started to say something when the teacher entered the room.

“Alright, lunch break is over!” he said and wrote something on the board for the next class. Kou waved goodbye to Mikan and sneaked out of the classroom. The teacher looked at Mikan, who blushed.

When school was over, Mikan was the last to leave the room. She was waiting for Kou, but he didn’t come to get her. Hurrying, she opens the door of the room and runs into a red-haired young man, scattering her books.

“I’m sorry!” she said as she began to pick up her books. She doesn’t notice that he knelt down and helped her with some of the other books. She stands back up to see that he was standing up again, too.

“Here you go,” he said, handing her the books he picked up.

“Thank you!” she said. She bowed to him and ran towards Kou’s classroom.

The orange-haired girl opened the door to the classroom, only to find no one in it but a green-haired girl. She blinked at Mikan.

“Is there something you need?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh … I was wondering where Kou went,” Mikan stated as she looked around the room in case she missed anything.

“He left a little bit ago,” the girl said as she slung her bag onto her shoulder and walked out. Mikan then dashed to the shoe lockers.

Kou was there and he waved goodbye to his new classmates. Mikan smiled as she approached him. He looked behind him, somehow knowing she was there, and smiled back.

“I got something for you! I’m sorry I forgot to give it to you during lunch.” She handed him a small figurine and gasped. He smiled wide.

“I love you, Mikan!” He threw his arms around her.

“Aww, thank you, Kou! I love you, too.” He frowned.

“I don’t think you understand what I’m saying,” he whispered. Mikan tilted her head. Then, all of a sudden, he kissed her on the lips.

After breaking apart, Mikan gasped and stared at Kou. She ran away when she realized what just happened. However, she bumped into someone. When she looked up, she realized it was the redhead from before.

“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed, blushing. She ran into him twice already today, how embarrassing!

“No, it’s okay. Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you,” he said, grabbing her hand. “What is your name?”

“Eh? My name? It’s Mikan!”

“Mikan … Then, Mikan.” He stared into her eyes. “I fell in love with you at first sight.”

“Wh…what??” She let go of his hands and backed away. This was the second guy to confess to her! What was she supposed to do?

She ran back into the school and stopped in the bathroom to catch her breath. She heard the stall door open and she looked up. There stood the green-haired girl from before. All of a sudden, Mikan started to cry. The green-haired girl’s eyes widened and rushed over to the orange-haired girl. She quickly took the crying girl into her arms.

“What… What are you doing?” Mikan asked.

“Comforting you.”

“But why? We just met.”

“Really?” the girl asked, her voice somewhat pained, “We’ve been in the same class until this year.”

“We have?” Mikan asked, honestly not remembering. The other girl sighed, and Mikan could feel her nod.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” The girl pulled Mikan away slightly and gazed into her eyes.

“Because I love you.”

At that, Mikan broke away and just ran home without a second thought.

While at home, she thought and thought about the people who had confessed to her. Her childhood friend, her senior, and a girl she didn’t remember being in her classes. She sighed.

The next day was even worse.

She had to avoid Kou all day, and the redhead from before saw her in the hallway. She ran away from him, not knowing how to answer to his confession yet. She didn’t see the green-haired girl at all, though, and wondered if she skipped classes for today because of what happened yesterday.

After school, her teacher told her to meet him in his office. She didn’t know why; it was only the second day and she hasn’t done anything wrong!

“Mikan, you have a certain charm about you that interests me,” he said as he smirked. Mikan was just taken aback.

“Wh…what do you mean, sir?” she asks him. His smirk just gets wider.

“I mean …” He suddenly cupped her cheek with his hand and got closer to her. Fortunately, he didn’t go too far, and released her and chuckled lightly. “I’m just messing with you.” However, he gave her a look that said, “Or am I?” She just blushed and wanted to hide. However, she froze when he spoke again.

“I got a complaint that you were running in the halls. Please refrain from doing so in the future.”

“Ah, yes, sir … I apologize.”

“Just promise you won’t do it again,” he said as he smirked again. She nodded and excused herself. He frowned once she left.

Of course, she went right home without seeing Kou off before doing so. She didn’t know what to do with all these people confessing to her!

Because there was only one that she could love …

The “real” Mikan is sitting at a desk, playing a dating on her computer. She stares at the screen, telling her to choose one of the 4 people to date. She closes the window and sighs.

“I just can’t decide …” she mumbles to herself and gets up and walks out of her bedroom. Time to go to school.
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♠ Your name: aj
♠ # of submission: 1
♠ Title of submission: UNIVERSITY DAY 1
♠ Characters: Gin-sensei, Aoi-sama
♠ Word count: 264
♠ Theme used: dating sim (for pog)
♠ The body of the fic:

It's your first day of school and you couldn't be more thrilled. But first thing is first, you need to decide which advisor you should take!

On one hand there's the cool and mysterious Aoi-sama! Everyone around you (girls and boys alike!) comment on how dashing he is. While you've never been fond of the color blue there's something enigmatic and, dare you even say it?, magnetic about him.

On the other hand there's the . . . unusual Gin-sensei. There have been rumors on your dorm floor about him. Usually found in the laboratories but occasionally found, in of all places, on the roof. Some of the first years whispered that Gin-sensei kept a human head in his desk drawer. . . but that couldn't be right, could it?

So. . . which do you pick?

• Aoi-sama, I want that mysterious and wonderful presence in my life.
• Gin-sensei, I want to try something different!

=> • Aoi-sama
So you've chosen Aoi-sama, have you? That's a great choice. As you turn in your advisor request form you can feel something stirring in your heart. It's not the jitters and it's not adventure it's something . . . new and exciting. Perhaps, you think, it could be love -- !

=> • Gin-seisei
So you've chosen Gin-sensei, have you? That's an interesting choice. As you turn in your advisor request form you can feel something stirring in your heart. Is it anxiety? A little nervousness? You can imagine him looking over the rim of his glasses at you in his office. . . your heart beats even faster -- !
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♥ Your name: Christy
♥ Link to submission: here
♥ # of submission: 1
♥ Title of submission: Sultry Midorin
♥ Description of submission: n/a
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