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Art Lessons with Amu 254

Last round's cards 1. clow13 2. julbirthday12 3. sparkling18 4. heartless14 Bonus. ostia11!

Amu wants to become more artistic and has decided to paint some Colors Cards. Unfortunately, it looks like she spilled the paint on all of the cards! Will you help figure out what the cards were for her?

Every week, there will be four different cards with a bonus card to figure out. Four will be categorized with the bonus being the hardest and uncategorized! The more you get right, the more prizes you win! Can you figure them all out?

-1 Correct: 2 cards
-2 Correct: 4 cards
-3 Correct: 6 cards
-4 Correct: 8 cards
-Bonus Card: 2 new release cards, two crayons
-All Correct: 10 cards + 2 new release cards, four crayons

If you don't get all the cards correct, but you get the bonus card correct, you will earn the bonus card reward along with your rewards. For example, if you get three cards right plus the bonus, you'd earn a total of 8 cards and two crayons. However, if you get them all correct, you get only the "All Correct" reward.

This Week's Cards

1. 2. 3. 4. B.

1. Warrior
2. Summoned
3. Radio Host
4. Boss

This round closes on Sunday, July 23rd!

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