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Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 167

『Don't worry, dear players of Colors! I'll make your unwanted cards「become nothing」!』

Shiritori is a word game where players take turns coming up with words. Each player's word must start with the same syllable the previous player's word ends in and it must be a word that hasn't been used in the game yet. This process is repeated until all but one of the players have run out of words to use. It's a fairly straightforward game by itself.』

『So, how does this work at Colors? First of all, since Japanese and Western alphabets function somewhat differently, I won't make you use syllables! Instead, we'll use single letters. Aren't I a nice guy? Second of all, since we're a card game, cards will function as our words. Therefore the game will go like this: Every week, the lovely Kumagawa-senpai will post a card following shiritori's pattern and yours, the players', task is to respond to it with a card of your own that starts with the same letter his ends in. You will lose the card you bring into this game but gain a varying amount more in return. More on this later!』

Delete: However, to make the game a bit more challenging we're going to have another rule in place. Except for the very first card that gets put into play, every time the stunning Kumagawa-sama uses a card its first letter gets deleted, meaning that letter can't be used any more.』

『What does this mean in practice? Every round, you will need to bring in a card that starts with the same letter as the wonderful Kumagawa-han's card that week ends in and ends in a letter that hasn't been deleted yet. Even though I've made those letters「become nothing」, I'll keep a list of which letters are deleted and which are still in play to help you. This will continue until we run out of letters or decks that can be submitted into the game, whichever comes first, and the game resets with all letters available again.』

『So, for example, if the sweet Kumagawa-san posts a Magatama card, you need to bring him a deck starting with A. Next week the dazzling Kumagawa-chan posts Archer, which means you need to bring him a card starting with R and ending in anything except A, meaning you could offer Razril or Rebirth but not Russia. Next week the kindly Kumagawa-kun posts Rune Sage, meaning you need to bring him a card starting with E and ending in anything except A or R. And so on.』

『TL;DR: 』

『Bring a card that:
• starts with the same letter Kumagawa's ends with
• and ends with a letter that hasn't been crossed over in the list below. You will lose this card, so don't bring your favorites.』
『Please enter the card's name in addition to posting its picture!』

『That's it for the game itself. Here a few additional tidbits about cards and the game in general:
• Only letters are regarded for the purposes of this game, meaning you can bring anything with spaces, hyphens or numbers in the deck name as long as it has two or more letters in it. For instance, BK-201 would just be treated as a card with the deckname BK. You can not, however, bring decks that have nothing but numbers (such as 0) or just one letter in their name.
• Unless otherwise stated, the color of the deck or card number don't matter.
• Cards entered into this game will (eventually) end up in RA.
• Until the round is over, you can switch the card you're bringing as many times as you want, I'll only count the one that remains in play when the round ends.
• I've removed a few of the less-used letters due to them having next to no decks ending in their letter.
• Seeing as the game keeps getting harder every week, after every 5 deleted letters the payout will increase to compensate.』

『And that's it. Have fun! :)』

Round 167's usable letters


Letters remaining: 14』
This week's payout: 4 cards』

Round 167's card:


『This round will end on Sunday, July 23rd.』

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