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Release 087 - July

Hi everyone! How did you like the Anniversary event in June? Any luckyseven cards that might have mistakenly appeared in the randomizer should be gone with this new update.

Signups for the Colors Festival are still going on! You have less than two weeks to sign up, so don't forget to do it! You can browse the tag to see previous Colors League editions.

Also, Wish Tree which is our Tanabata event is open till 21st! You can get a Pot of Gold prize that you missed!

To build up hype for Colors Festival, you can take three additional character choice cards in the colors that you chose as your priorities while signing up! If you're not participating, say what teams would you have chosen if you did and then take cards in these colors. If you are a captain, you can take three cards in the color of your team.

That's all for today, see you next month! Previous release is still open for claiming for 48h!

Art & Fic Submission Post
July Pot of Gold
July Release Zip

== 4 New Special Decks ==
Scrapbook: characters with weird eyebrows, Scrapbook: pre-time skip, Scrapbook: post-time skip, Pokemon TCG: Art by Himeno Kagemaru

== 51 New Character Decks ==

♥Akazukin Chacha♥

♥Demon Diary♥
Eclipse, Erutis, Raenef V

♥Digimon Adventure Tri♥
Mochizuki Meiko

♥Dragon Quest VI♥

♥Final Fantasy III♥
Ingus, Luneth, Refia

♥Final Fantasy series♥

♥Fire Emblem♥
Brady, Gregor, Morgan (M)

♥Fullmetal Alchemist♥
Barry the Chopper

Sonozaki Noriko, Takashiro Chidori

♥Little Witch Academia♥
Amanda O'Neill, Croix Meridies, Diana Cavendish, Kagari Atsuko, Lotte Yanson, Sucy Manbavaran, Ursula Callistis / Chariot du Nord

♥Naruto Gaiden♥
Akimichi Chouchou, Nara Shikadai, Yamanaka Inojin

♥NieR: Automata♥
Adam, Eve, Pascal, YoRHA No.2 Type B, YoRHA No.9 Type S, YoRHA Type A No.2

Choroko, Ichiko, Jyushiko, Karako, Osoko, Todoko

Ash's Litten, Ash's Rockruff, Brawly, Guzma, Liza

♥Shugo Chara!♥

♥The Asterisk War♥
Amagiri Ayato

♥The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel♥
Angelica Rogner, Towa Herschel, Vita Clotilde

You may claim 10 character cards and 1 special card from the newly released decks above. They must all be from different decks! Comment with what you take. You may also take one copy of your signature.

If you donated to the Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip or Brows decks, you may also claim the cards you donated in addition to your other freebies. If you were the one who suggested one of the special decks released here through this post, you may also claim one card from the special deck you suggested in addition to your other freebies! Please comment with what you take~.

If your birthday is in July, please also label your subject with BIRTHDAY! to receive your birthday freebies of three random cards and 1 crayon. I will be passing this out after the claiming closes!

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