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Deck Lover 92

Last round's answer is Lastation!

Colette is known for her love of dogs. She especially loves to come up with names for them! However, after naming all the dogs across Sylvarant and Tethe'alla there wasn't much left for her to do so she's going to come up with deck names now. Help her name all the decks across Colors TCG?

With every round, there will be a picture of a character who has a deck on Colors. Tell Colette what their deckname is to be rewarded with 6 random special cards!

This girl is a robot and... what is sticking out of her back? Should we try spinning it to see what will happen?

This round is open till Sunday, July 23rd CLOSED NOW!
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Her deckname is Wind-Up!
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Her deck name is Wind-Up!
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maybe try Winding her in her deck is called wind-up
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It's free glitter text and family website at
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