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Colors Picross 36

Welcome to Colors Picross, a Game featuring a pixelated puzzle that will reveal an image once completed!
For Picross, you just need to fill in colored boxes, and you could win Prizes for your effort!

Rules and Game Explanation
Picross is a pixelated puzzle game using numbers to indicate where to fill in a box with a color.
These colors boxes will eventually fill up to make an image.

For a better explanation, here are a few good links!
1. Picross Game Rules
2. Solving a Picross Puzzle
If it is still confusing, I would recommend looking up some examples of people performing a picross puzzle on YouTube. This way, You can see them being done while getting an in-depth explanation!
Alternatively, you can complete the puzzle with the HanjieStar link. Print screen like you would normally.

Complete the Puzzle and receive 30 cards!


Last Weeks Solutions!

Inuyasha (but horrible and in picross from).

This round will close July 14th!

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This took me much longer than I expected!
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