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Colors TCG Wish Tree

Have you missed a PoG prize in recent months that you really wanted? Or maybe a prize that you want hasn't been used for a long time? With some luck, you can get your hands on the coupon you want! Just write down the prize you wanted and make a wish and maybe you'll be one of the lucky people who get their wish granted! And if you don't have enough luck, everyone gets a consolation prize, so there are no losers!


- You can wish for ONE prize that has been used as Pot of Gold Grand Prize in the past 12 months. You can't wish for the Grand Prizes from the current PoG, so the earliest prizes you can wish for are the ones from June 2015 PoG

- Your request must include the month a prize is from and which grand prize it was.

- The request must be handwritten and submitted as an image in your comment! That means you can take a photo of a piece of paper, a scan or write in a graphics program of your choice but plain text wishes won't be accepted, sorry!

- After the event ends, seven people will be chosen via lottery and they will get their wishes granted. However, they only get the grand prizes, not the card prizes for PoG completion

- Everyone who made a wish will also get seven random cards out of which three will be new release cards

- Please refer to previous years for examples! here too

- This event is open till Friday, July 21st.
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That's okay! In the end I eventually got beer and pizza a few weeks back. And I get cards. So in a way...I got a lot of things. XD
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