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Colors School Festival - invitation post

Hello, everyone! Do you miss school already? Well, I hope you do, because the Colors School Festival is coming soon!

The Colors School Festival is the 7th edition of the Colors League, the biggest and most exciting event on Colors, happening each summer. And this time, its theme is school! The main event will happen in August, but the signups will begin in July!

How does CSF work?
- Starting early/mid-July, you will be able to sign up for the CSF.
- There will be 8 teams (or classes), each named after one of our Colors characters and captained by one of the mods (the class president).
- Players will be assigned to one of the teams partially based on their preferences (rules will be explained in the signup post).
- The lineups will be announced in late July.
- From August 1st to 10th, one captain a day (or me for the Shirocchi and Kurocchi event) will post a very special League game. Some of them may be quizzes, others will require you to cooperate with your teammates.
- You will be able to score up to three points for your team in each event.
- After all games are closed, we will count the points collected by each team and see who got the most! The places will be decided by percentage of points scored. The higher the place of your team, the more prizes you will get!

For even more information, I suggest checking the Colors League tag on our community.

Even more information about the schedule, teams and prizes will be announced in the signups post, so look forward to that! :D

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!
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Oooo! Does that make me a Freshman this year?

I can't wait to play!
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YESSS Colors League 0u0!!!
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