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Alfendi's Clues 300

Last week's suspect was Catherine from Catherine!

Ah, you must be the new assistant. I am Inspector Alfendi Layton of New Scotland Yard's Mystery Room department. Yes, I am also the son of Professor Layton, though now isn't the time to discuss that. I'm very close to tracking down the prime suspect of the case I'm working on, but I only have a brief description to work off of. Perhaps you can help me discern their identity so I can call them in for questioning?

This Osakan high school detective has been publicly declared as the Great Detective of the West. He tends to be lighthearted and good-humored even while solving a case, although his impulsiveness occasionally clouds his judgment. He is extremely protective of his close friends and does whatever he can to keep them out of harm's way.

If you can tell me the name of the suspect and the series he comes from, I'll reward you with six random cards.

This round ends on Monday, May 15th!