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So you've collected all 20 cards from a deck? Or have you completed a Portfolio? If you've completed a deck, please claim your rewards with one of the forms below. If you've completed your portfolio, please comment with a link to your portfolio and a link to your card post.

Character deck mastery:

Special deck mastery:

- 2 random cards, 1 choice character card, and 1 crayon for mastering a character deck
- 3 random cards, 1 choice special card OR 1 copy of your signature, and 1 crayon for mastering a special deck
- 4 random cards, 4 random crayons for completing a portfolio

You may only master a deck once! If you are a returning player and have mastered the deck during your previous time here, you may of course master the deck again.

(For staff:
Character Deck Mastery Randomizer
Special Deck Mastery Randomizer
Portfolio Completion

Masteries mod, please comment here weekly with a list of masteries to help with member list updating.)
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member list updating

Hello, fellow mods! If you take care of Joining, Masteries, Levels, or Signatures please comment here weekly with updates so the member list can remain up to date.

Who joined this week? Please fill out this form below for each new member and put the info between <textarea></textarea>.

Replace name with the person's name. Replace DW name with the person's DW name and type that out in the link. Don't replace www, but do fill out the link to their card post. Replace deck with the deck they're collecting. Replace 00/00 with their birthday.

Comment here with a list of who mastered what this week and what they're collecting now. Use the person's nickname and not their DW name. You do not have to put this info within a text box.

Comment here with a list of who leveled up this week and what their new level is. Use the person's nickname and not their DW name. You do not have to put this info within a text box.

Signature Cards
Please link new Signatures every week or so, and I'll update the site with them.
01 May 2010 @ 12:59 am

Levels at Colors are divided into five sets.

Cards in the Primary Set are 100 cards per level. You receive 2 random cards, 1 choice character card, and 1 crayon per level.

Primary Set
Red: 1-100 cards
Orange: 101-200 cards
Yellow: 201-300 cards
Green: 301-400 cards
Blue: 401-500 cards
Purple: 501-600 cards
Brown: 601-700 cards
Gray: 701-800 cards

Levels in the Fruits Set are 200 cards per level. You receive 3 random cards, 1 choice character card, and 1 crayon per level.

Fruits Set
Strawberry: 801-1000 cards
Tangerine: 1001-1200 cards
Lemon: 1201-1400 cards
Lime: 1401-1600 cards
Blueberry: 1601-1800 cards
Grape: 1801-2000 cards
Apricot: 2001-2200 cards
Dragon Fruit: 2201-2400 cards

Levels in the Precious Set are 300 cards per level. You receive 4 random cards, 1 choice character card, and 1 crayon per level.

Precious Stone and Metal Set
Ruby: 2401-2700 cards
Amber: 2701-3000 cards
Gold: 3001-3300 cards
Emerald: 3301-3600 cards
Sapphire: 3601-3900 cards
Amethyst: 3901-4200 cards
Bronze: 4201-4500 cards
Silver: 4501-4800 cards

Levels in the Flowers Set continue at 300 cards per level. You receive 4 random cards, 1 character choice card, and 1 crayon per level.

Flowers Set
Sakura: 4801-5100 cards
Tiger Lily: 5100-5400 cards
Daffodil: 5401-5700 cards
Clover: 5701-6000 cards
Hydrangea: 6001-6300 cards
Lilac: 6301-6600 cards
Chocolate Cosmos: 6601-6900 cards
Magnolia: 6901-7200 cards

Levels in the Planets Set continue at 300 cards per level. You receive 4 random cards, 1 character choice card, and 1 crayon per level.

Planets Set
Mars: 7201-7500 cards
Saturn: 7501-7800 cards
Venus: 7801-8100 cards
Earth: 8101-8400 cards
Neptune: 8401-8700 cards
Uranus: 8701-9000 cards
Jupiter: 9001-9300 cards
Mercury: 9301-9600 cards

After reaching level Mercury, you will continue to earn 4 randoms cards, 1 character choice card, and 1 random crayon every 300 cards, but you will remain at level Mercury.

Upon leveling, please comment with the following information to receive your rewards:

After that, grab a new level banner here!

(For staff: Primary Randomizer | Fruit Randomizer | Precious Randomizer

Levels mod, please comment here weekly with a list of who leveled up to help with member list updating.)
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art shop

IOUs at Colors come in the shape of...crayons! You may trade crayons for decks that fall under that color. The color each deck belongs to is displayed on the deck list. 1 crayon redeems 1 character card of that color.

If you'd like more copies of your Signature, you may also trade in crayons for that! For 1 copy of your Signature, please trade in 1 crayon of the same color as the border of your Signature.

To redeem special cards that are not part of the Signature deck, you must trade in 2 crayons, 1 for each color the deck is assigned.

You can also trade in your completed Sketchpads here. You get 2 random cards and 1 random crayon for completing a Sketchpad.

Please comment with:
- which crayons you're trading in (including the images of the crayons is helpful)
- what choice cards you're trading for
- If you're trading in Sketchpads, please display your Sketchpad in the comment.
- If you're trading for your signature, including the name you used on your signature is helpful.

- A link to your card post!!

(For staff use:
Card list | Randomizer
01 May 2010 @ 01:19 am
art studio

Tired of your colored cards? Never fear! You can trade them in for other cards here! Maybe some other artist will like your cards. ;) Your cards will be recycled and end up at Recycled Art for other members to claim.

The current rate of exchange is:

♥ 2 normal cards for 1 random card
♥ 3 normal cards for 1 copy of your signature
♥ 3 normal cards for 1 choice character card
♥ 3 special cards for 1 choice special card

You may exchange for up to 10 random cards, 4 signatures, 4 choice character cards, and 4 choice special cards each calendar month. The month restarts on the 1st. Please comment with the cards you're trading in and what you're trading them for.

(For staff use: General randomizer

Art Studio mod, please comment over at Recycled Art each week with a list of new cards to add. Code cards alphabetically with image tags and line breaks and put that between <textarea></textarea> in a comment.)
01 May 2010 @ 01:31 am
donate a deck

What's a TCG without cards to collect? Donate a deck here! Only character decks are accepted here!

Characters from the following sources are accepted:
-Manga, Manhwa, Manhua
-Video games from East Asian sources (illustrations preferred over in-game art)
-Light novels that use Anime/Manga-styled art

Sources may not be fan productions, unpublished sources, or Western sources.

Please donate 1 deck per comment and use the following form:

Label the subject of your comment with Series Name - Character!!

-Donations must include at least 30 official images of the character. Fanart and doujinshi are not allowed.

-Include images that span the series. (We want decks to be as comprehensive as possible)

-If a series started as a manga and is later turned into an anime series (ie: Naruto, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, etc), please include images from both sources but include more images from the source that people associate with the series the most. (This is not necessary for anime that is later turned into a manga, such as Code Geass, Durarara!!, etc. In that case, please use images from the main source)

-If a series started as a light novel and is later turned into an anime or manga, please include images from the light novel as well.

-When donating video game images, please donate images from cut scenes, character art, promotional art, and the like. Include in-game art only when there isn't enough other art.

-When donating manga images, please include as many colored images as possible. If characters do not have a lot of official colored images, black and white images are okay too. Make sure panels feature characters from head to shoulder. Panels that only feature parts of the character's face are not usable.

-Images should at least feature characters up to around their shoulders. Images should not be too zoomed in or cut off at their chin.

-Please do not edit the images in any way. That's the job of deck makers.

-Characters that are twins should be donated separately as all normal decks are individual character decks.

-Characters that have alternative identities go in one deck unless their alternative identity is a huge spoiler or major plot point (in this case, treat them as two separate characters).

-Compress your files in a .zip or .rar and upload to a media file sharing site (your own server, mediafire, megaupload, etc).

-Please check the deck list to see if a name is already in use.

-Lastly, please check previous comments so your donation doesn't overlap with anyone else's!

Monthly donation limit:
-2 character decks per member
(special decks cannot be donated here)
(The new month does not start until one of the mods posts a comment saying that donation limits have reset for the month. Please wait until after the comment is posted to donate for the new month if you are donating near the start of the month).

-3 random cards and 1 random crayon per donation

The decks in this thread have been claimed. Please do not donate these unless you claimed them. Please remember to check this thread before donating!

If you are gathering images for characters and are afraid someone else might be doing the same characters, please reply to this thread with [claim] series name - character name to reserve the character. You have until the end of the month to donate these decks before your claim expires. Claims are only for the current month. You cannot claim to donate for future months. You may only claim up to the same number of decks you're allowed to donate each month.

Donations at this post has now closed! Please do not donate here any more. :) Head on over to the new donate a deck post!
01 May 2010 @ 01:58 am
donate graphics

Donate level badges, link buttons, and sketchpads here! Donated graphics will be displayed here and here.

- All graphics must be saved as .gif files.
- All graphics must use official art.

Level Banners:
- Banners must be donated in complete sets of 8.
- Banners must be 111px by 75px.
- Banners must display the level name.
- Banners must have some kind of border.
- Banners must follow the naming scheme below.

Please name your files level_yourname01_01, level_yourname01_02, and so forth. The first number is the number of sets you donated for Primary, Fruits, Precious, Flowers, or Planets. Donations for any level banner set start with level_yourname01 for the first time you donate.

The second number is the level. The numbers corresponding to each level are as follows:

Primary Set:
Red=01, Orange=02, Yellow=03, Green=04, Blue=05, Purple=06, Brown=07, Gray=08.

Fruits Set:
Strawberry=09, Tangerine=10, Lemon=11, Lime=12, Blueberry=13, Grape=14, Apricot=15, Dragon Fruit=16.

Precious Set:
Ruby=17, Amber=18, Gold=19, Emerald=20, Sapphire=21, Amethyst=22, Bronze=23, Silver=24.

Flowers Set:
Sakura=25, Tiger Lily=26, Daffodil=27, Clover=28, Hydrangea=29, Lilac=30, Chocolate Cosmos=31, Magnolia=32

Planets Set:
Mars=33, Saturn=34, Venus=35, Earth=36, Neptune=37, Uranus=38, Jupiter=39, Mercury=40

First time you donate a Primary set:
level_yourname01_01, level_yourname01_02, level_yourname01_03, level_yourname01_04, level_yourname01_05, level_yourname01_06, level_yourname01_07, level_yourname01_08

Second time you donate a Primary set:
level_yourname02_01, level_yourname02_02, level_yourname02_03, level_yourname02_04, level_yourname02_05, level_yourname02_06, level_yourname02_07, level_yourname02_08

Tenth time you donate a Precious set:
level_yourname10_17, level_yourname10_18, level_yourname10_19, level_yourname10_20, level_yourname10_21, level_yourname10_22, level_yourname10_23, level_yourname10_24

Link Buttons:
- Link buttons must be either 88px by 31px or 100px by 35px.
- Link buttons must say "Colors" or "Colors TCG". Link buttons must also include the phrase: "a character TCG".
- Link buttons must have some kind of border.
- Please name them link_yourname01, link_yourname02, etc.

- Sketchpads must be 111px by 75px.
- Sketchpads must say "Sketchpad".
- Sketchpads must 20 spaces to fill in. These spaces can be any shape, size, and configuration as long as you have 20 of them.
- Please name your sketchpads sketch_yourname01, sketch_yourname02, etc.
- Sketchpads must use the following template:

Here is the .psd file. :) The font is 04b24 and you can download it here if necessary. A layer mask is included to hide the parts that need to be invisible. If the mask does not work, please erase or delete the top part and the corners by hand.

If you cannot open a .psd file, here's a blank template. Please remember to erase the top part and the corners by hand and save with a transparent background!

Please use the following form when donating:

Monthly limit:
- one set of 8 level banners for Primary
- one set of 8 level banners for Fruits
- one set of 8 level banners for Precious
- one set of 8 level banners for Flowers
- two sets of 8 level banners for Planets
- four link buttons (please donate at least 4 each time)
- eight Sketchpads (please donate at least 4 each time)

Please wait for a mod comment indicating the start of a new month. Your donation limit does not reset until this comment goes up!

- 3 random cards per level banner set
- 1 random card per 4 link buttons
- 1 random card per 2 sketchpads

If you donate any 4 sets of level banners and 8 sketchpads in one month, you will earn 1 extra crayon.
01 May 2010 @ 02:09 am
general faqs

If you have a question, please leave a comment in this post and we'll answer as quickly as we can!

Q: I think there's a problem with this deck! Can I donate better images for it?
A: Generally, there must be a sound reason for replacing images in a deck, which include: fanart, spoilers, incorrect character featured, image used in another deck, or "this picture is ACTUALLY TERRIBAD here's an improvement!" Thinking an image or deck is low-quality, or just plain disliking a deck does not call for replacement. Requests for image replacement are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but whole decks will not be remade.

Q: When donating images for decks, do we use English or Japanese names?
A: Please use names that the English fandom is familiar with.

Q: When are referral rewards passed out?
A: Referral rewards are passed out with each deck release. These generally happen at the beginning of each month.

Q: What font is used in the cards and banners?
A: The font is 04b24. You can download it here if you don't have it.

Q: Are we allowed to trade crayons with other players?
A: Yes, you may trade crayons with other players, but crayon-only trades do not count towards sketchpad completion.

Q: Are we allowed to barter cards to other players for crayons? Does that count towards our Sketchpads?
A: Sure, you may trade cards to other players for crayons. The player trading cards marks the trades on their sketchpad, but the player trading crayons does not, as crayons have no value until they are exchanged for cards.

In general, you mark down however many cards you're trading away. Hopefully that'll cover everything, such as 2 cards --> 1 card trades as well. The person trading 2 cards marks down 2. The person trading 1 card marks down 1.

Q: Do you accept graphic donations with file extensions other than .gif?
A: No, all graphics donations must be .gif.
01 May 2010 @ 02:10 am
error reporting

If you come across a dead link, a mislabeled card, or any type of error, please comment here to let us know. The error will be fixed ASAP!
01 May 2010 @ 02:12 am
general suggestions

If you have general suggestions, please comment here! We're always looking for new game suggestions and other ways to improve the TCG!

Note: The color a deck is assigned is not changeable. Please do not suggest for a deck's color to be reassigned.
01 May 2010 @ 02:17 am
information change

Need your information on the members list changed? Please leave a comment here outlining the change you require. There's no need to comment when you level up or master a deckā€”the mods will take care of that. The members list is updated as required.

If you need to take a hiatus, please comment here. When you're ready to come back, leave another comment!

If you wish to quit the TCG, please comment here as well so we can donate your cards to Recycled Art. I will let you know when it is okay to delete your post.

If you'd like to make our work easier, we'd greatly appreciate a pastebin with your cards, it'd make it much faster to get them to RA.
01 May 2010 @ 02:18 am

If you would like to affiliate with Colors TCG, please leave a comment below with the following information.

- the name of your TCG
- a description of your TCG
- a link to your site
- an 88px by 31px link button if available
01 May 2010 @ 03:14 am
Below is a sample card post for newcomers to TCGs. :) This is not a member. Please do not trade with this nonexistent person!

Read more... )
This post is now outdated! Please head on over here.

Hey everyone, welcome to Colors! ^__^ I've put up all the essential posts yesterday, so all links from the site should be working! I'll make a post to let everyone know when prejoin is available at a later date. If you're interested in the TCG, please go ahead and join the community now so I know there are people around! Once there is enough people around, I will announce prejoin and put up a post about jobs in the community, such as taking care of one of the stickied posts or running games.

Besides needing players, a TCG also needs decks. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how I'm making the cards at Colors. Deckmaking is not open for any random person. You must apply to be a deckmaker because I need to keep track of who's making what!

Currently, if you would like to be a deckmaker, please comment below and I'll send you the template. Make 1 deck to try out the template. Send the deck to me at rykatu[at]yahoo[dot]com and I'll give you pointers about your deck! If it looks fine, I'll go ahead and ask you to make other decks. If not, I'll give you advice on how to make your deck better. :) If I get more than 1 deck maker, I'll make a post where deckmakers can claim decks to make. Otherwise, we might end up with repeating decks or deck names! I have three other deckmakers beside me now, so deckmaking applications are now closed. Stay tuned for future openings if you're interested in helping out. ;)

Apologies for the huge images! I'm no good at writing tutorials...and I didn't want to resize. :') This was done in Photoshop CS2.

tutorial )