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Directions 118!

Edge and Reimi travel to other planets aboard their spaceship "Calnus," which they explore on behalf of the Space Reconnaissance Force (SRF).

This week, they were sent a photo of their next destination.

This high school located in the Chiba Prefecture is home to a highly dedicated cycling club and also happens to be within biking distance of Akihabara! The rear entrance of the school is on top of a 2 km slope, making it a great challenge for cyclists.

If you can tell Edge and Reimi what the name of this school is and what series it comes from, they'll give you eight random cards for each correct answer, totaling to sixteen random cards!

Last time, they were in Konohagakure/Village Hidden in the Leaves from Naruto!

This round has been extended until Saturday, April 15th!
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Sohoku High School from Yowamushi Pedal?