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Oikawa's Fan Mail 112

Last week's fan mail was The Barian Emblem from Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL!

Oikawa Tooru is a very busy guy. When he's not training hard for his volleyball matches or teasing his adorable kouhai, he is dealing with all of the gifts from his fans! Always looking to please them, he writes a thank you note to the sender of every single gift he has received. However, sometimes the gifts come unsigned, including the one he has just received! Can you help him figure out where he needs to send the thank you letter?

Normally this guy has slicked back hair and wears a green suit instead of the blue school uniform he probably should be wearing... but here it looks like he's wearing a disguise and has gifted Oikawa-san these wonderful gucci sunglasses!

Tell me who sent the mail and what series he is from for four cards each!

This round ends Friday, March 17th has ended!

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Urameshi YĆ«suke from Yu Yu Hakusho?