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Twenty Questions 1-2

Norma Beatty is searching for the Everlight, the magic stone able to grant every wish, and she got a tip that it's under a pile of Colors decks! But of course it won't be that easy to find which one. So with her friends off on adventures, she's turning to you guys for help! If everyone puts their brains together, ask questions and share information, there's no way we can't do this! She'll even give you a fair shake at the rewards.

... Still, only one person can win the race to find the treasure. And as everybody knows, to the first treasure hunter in the room goes the lion's share of the loot! Last one there's a rotten Eggbear!

Gameplay & Rules:

Each game will consist of multiple rounds, posted weekly. Rounds will continue each week until the deck is guessed!

Nothing is screened, to help players work together and co-ordinate questions to their best advantage.

Each round will have two parts: Questions and Guesses.

★ Questions:
- Each player may post one Yes/No question to the Question thread.
- Repeat questions, or questions that cannot be answered with a Yes or No will not count.
-- In the event that a question is valid but does not apply to the deck (EX. "Is this character male?" for a character with no gender), the question will still count. Using mod discretion, the question will sometimes be answered with "sort of", "neither", etc.
- Questions will be gathered and answered at once in the following round, meaning the first round is always blind.
- From the second round and on, answers to all previous Questions will be collected and posted so that all players have a tally of what information has been gathered to guide their guesses!
- Example questions: "Is the deck name a verb?" "Is the deck Special?" "Does it feature a human character?"

★ Guesses:
- Each player may post one deck official guess to the Guesses thread.
- The guesses may be random at first, but the idea is to narrow them down as more Questions are answered.
- You can guess the same as someone else, if you think they are correct.
- The first player to post a correct guess wins a bonus prize!


★ Players will receive one of the following per round:
- 4 random cards for a valid question, but no correct guesses
- 8 random cards for guessing the correct deck
- 8 random cards plus a bonus 2 cards per round for being the first to guess the correct deck (for example, a 3-round game would be 8 + 2*3 = 14)

This round ends Tuesday, March 14, 2017.
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Does the color of the deck end in an E?

red - odd, warm, <5, not-E
green - odd, cool, ≥5, not-E
brown - odd, warm, ≥5, not-E

orange - even, warm, ≥5, E
yellow - even, warm, ≥5, not-E
blue - even, cool, <5, E
purple - even, cool, ≥5, E
gray - even, cool, <5, not-E

We don't need any more questions to figure out the color!