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Silly Blanks 42

Last week's story: "Well, after this weeks episode. I think its apparent I need to verb the noun train."

Your gracious host, Trucy, runs a weekly magic show. To get the audience pumped up before the show, Trucy begins with a simple trick - a short mad libs story, a bit of magic, a couple of cards, and voila: free stuff! You might also be entertained, but no guarantees.

Trucy needs help deciding what her story will be about; however, it's funnier if the audience doesn't know until afterward, so you'll just have to submit your cards and see what happens at the end of the round. Help her fill out the major details by submitting deck names to fill in the blanks of her story idea. To thank you for your help, if you put the right cards into Trucy's magic panties, they'll magically turn into new cards!

Card 1
Card 2
❥ Basic: Deck name is a Noun          ❥ Bonus: Begins with a Vowel (A, I, U, E, O) ❥ Basic: Deck name is a Noun
❥ Bonus: Starts with the same letter as your Colors or Dreamdwith Username. (ex: J (Jun) or B (beezebeora) for me.)

You'll lose the cards you turn in, but for each basic requirement you fulfill, you will receive 3 random cards. Fulfilling the bonus, as well (i.e. turning in a noun with the letter X), will net you 1 random card each, for a possible total reward of 8 random cards!

Good luck! This round will remain open until Tuesday, March 7th!

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ambition19, pendulum10!