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Swap Station 62

Haaa! I am Honda Tadakatsu's daughter, Ina, and I challenge you - never trained with the bow? Ah, my apologies...

Maybe you could help me with my own training, to start? Just throw one or two (or three or four) of those cards of yours in the air, and I'll put as many arrows through them as I can before they hit the ground!

And in thanks for your help, I'll change their numbers to however many times I managed to hit them!

- You can play up to four cards per round. Together or in separate comments as you like, it doesn't matter.
- You'll give these up to replace them each with a card of the same deck, but a different number.
- Numbers are randomized and not influenced by any other factor! The only guarantee is that you won't get the exact same card in return.

This round ends on Monday, February 13th!
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