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Portfolios work like personal mastery challenges, laid out by you! By collecting 1 deck from each of the colors featured at Colors, or 8 decks of the same color, you will earn special prizes.

Palette Portfolio Rules:
- You must choose 1 deck from each different color.
- 1 special deck may be used to fill two colors.
- Each deck may only be used for 1 Palette Portfolio.

Monochrome Portfolio Rules:
- You must choose 8 decks of the same color.
- Each deck may only be used for 1 Monochrome Portfolio.

Guidelines for both:
- You may include up to 3 decks you have already mastered in a Portfolio.
- You may use any one deck in both a Palette and a Monochrome Portfolio.
- You may only have one active Palette and one active Monochrome Portfolio.
- Decks must be released to be placed on Portfolios.
- You may change up to 3 decks on your Portfolio after one month (from the date you received it). You cannot change more than 3 decks total, even if you submit further changes a month after you requested them. You may not change any decks if you started your Portfolio by including mastered decks.
- If you master one of the decks you requested on your Portfolio before receiving one, simply comment under your request with a link to your mastery to notify it happened after you requested it.
- If you have mastered a requested Portfolio and have not yet received the image, but would like to request another one, add a link of your mastered portfolio to your new request to notify that the previous request is no longer your current active Portfolio.

Please comment with the following info:

Palette Portfolio:

Monochrome Portfolio:

Portfolio Modification form:

Portfolios must be submitted at the Masteries post for rewards.


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[personal profile] pinkoctopus 2017-04-07 02:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Your Name: Harris
Card post:
Monochrome Portfolio #: 02
Monochrome Color: Red!
1st deck: fakehero (M)
2nd deck: otomen (M)
3rd deck: heartless (M)
4th deck: oblivion
5th deck: demonhunter
6th deck: cannoneer
7th deck: anti-hero
8th deck: kissme (also used in palette)