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Switch It Up 126

I'll reward round 125's bonus prize in the next couple days~

Banners done by Ember, thank you!

• You may make up to FOUR switches per week, with one switch per any unique pile.
• List the name of the card you're switching, the image of the card you're switching, the name of the card you're requesting, and the pile you're switching from. The card you're switching must match the pile's colour.
• All switches must be requested in top-level comments due to switches being honoured chronologically. Please avoid threading comments, and please check nobody has requested a card before you!
• There may only be one card from any specific deck per pile, exempting when the piles are generated at the start of the week.
• Please be patient and do not request cards before they are switched into the piles.

Switches must be special cards with the same number!

New Week: Tuesday, October 4
Round Closes: Tuesday, October 11
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[personal profile] zekroms 2016-10-05 01:55 am (UTC)(link)

Green: wind04 for morphus13
Blue: sushi09 for gramarye06
Chaos: heirs13 for labyrinthia13