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Release 077 - September

Hello everyone!

September is not a busy month on Colors but make sure to check out our new regular thing, Activity Rewards! You can get extra prizes for being active that way.

This month's freebie is a card featuring a character from a canon that's more than 10 years old! Let us know what do you think about the Activity Rewards system to claim an additional card of a character from a canon that's newer than 10 years.

That's all for today, see you next month! Previous release is still open for claiming for 48h!

Art & Fic Submission Post
September Pot of Gold
September Release Zip

== 4 New Special Decks ==
Scrapbook: Seiyuu - Midorikawa Hikaru, Scrapbook: Team Aces, Scrapbook: Team Captains, Toukiden: Kiwami - major characters

== 57 New Character Decks ==

♥Art of Fighting ♥

♥Binan Koukou Bouei-bu LOVE!♥

♥Dimension W♥
Albert Schumann, Haruka Seameyer, Lwai Aura Tibesti, Mabuchi Kyouma, Salva Ene Tibesti, Yurizaki Mira

♥Dragon Ball series♥

♥Dragon Quest V♥

♥Fate/Grand Order♥
Protagonist (female), Ramesses II, Romani Archaman, Scathach

Kirishima Ikuya, Kirishima Natsuya, Serizawa Nao, Shiina Asahi

♥Galaxy Express 999♥

♥Gundam Build Fighters Try♥
Hoshino Fumina, Kamiki Sekai, Kousaka Yuuma

♥Initial D♥
Mogi Natsuki, Takahashi Keisuke, Takahashi Ryousuke

♥Killer is Dead♥
Mondo Zappa

♥Last Exile♥
Alister Agrew, Dunya Scheer, Lucciola, Mullin Shetland, Vincent Alzey

♥Mario series♥
Bowser Jr.

♥Metal Gear Solid♥
Kazuhira 'Kaz' Miller, Punished 'Venom' Snake

♥Mother 3♥

Jiroubou, Sakon, Ukon

Hashimoto Nyaa

Gaaruru, Kiki Ajimi

♥Sakamoto desu ga?♥
Hayabusa Shou, Kubota Yoshinobu, Maeda Atsushi, Sakamoto

♥Shokugeki no Souma♥
Arato Hisako, Kurokiba Ryo, Mito Ikumi

♥Soukyuu no Fafner♥
Makabe Kazuki, Minashiro Soushi

♥Space Channel 5♥
Jaguar, Pine, Pudding

♥Super Smash Bros♥
Pokemon Trainer

♥Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE♥
Aoi Itsuki

♥Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V♥
Houchun Mieru, Mokota Michio

You may claim 10 character cards and 1 special card from the newly released decks above. They must all be from different decks! Comment with what you take. You may also take one copy of your signature.

If you donated to the Captains, Aces or Midorikaru decks, you may also claim the cards you donated in addition to your other freebies. If you were the one who suggested one of the special decks released here through this post, you may also claim one card from the special deck you suggested in addition to your other freebies! Please comment with what you take~.

If your birthday is in September, please also label your subject with BIRTHDAY! to receive your birthday freebies of three random cards and 1 crayon. I will be passing this out after the claiming closes!

♥Referral rewards♥
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I think the Activity Rewards system seems really neat!! it's a great way to motivate players to be more active, and active players certainly deserve to be rewarded!
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