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Colorseum - finalist spotlight 1

Hello everyone! The finals of Colorseum's 2nd season will begin very soon, on June 4th!

Let's use this time to remind you (or introduce you to, if you joined recently) our round winners from this season, who will compete for the title. And also to win some bonus cards, which is always cool.

Who will become Riza Hawkeye's official successor on the Colorseum throne? Maybe it'll be today's character...

Name: Amaterasu
Series: Okami
Age: ??? (lots)
Occupation: Sun goddess of Japan
Bracket: Deities (round 10)
Colors deck: Brush

Our first finalist is this cute dog ultra-powerful Japanese goddess Amaterasu from 2006's PS2 game Okami. She breezed through the Deities tournament, crushing some serious contenders on her way.

Tell me one thing you like about today's contestant to win three random cards! If you don't know the character at all, you can either comment on their appearance or tell me if you'd be interested in getting into their canon.

This round will close on May 11th CLOSED!, Central European time!
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I've never played Okami but I think Amaterasu's design is really gorgeous!!