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Puzzle Chains 25

Professor Layton said that a gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved. As he's a connoisseur of puzzles, he always appreciates a challenge when it comes to solving them! Now, he and his apprentice, Luke, need your help in solving these series of puzzles in order to close the case that he's on!

Series: Boku no Hero Academia
Pieces: 35
Rotate: No
Link to puzzle: here
Series: Joker Game
Pieces: 48
Rotate: Yes
Link to puzzle: here
Series: Bungou Stray Dogs
Pieces: 80
Rotate: No
Link to puzzle: here

- Follow the link to access the puzzle, and complete the image by dragging the pieces in place. Right-click to rotate the pieces, and feel free to use the ghost icon to see what the finished image looks like.
- Take a screenshot (example) of your finished puzzle, making sure the screenshot contains:
   1. the completed image
   2. the time
   3. the number of pieces

- For completing each puzzle, you will receive 5 random cards!
- For completing all three, you will receive an extra crayon, for a total of 15 cards and 1 crayon!

This round closes on Saturday, May 7!