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★ Beauty Pageant 97!

Welcome to the Colors Beauty Pageant~★! Please join Mizuki, Mikuru, and I as we set out to find things that are fresh, new, and lovely~★!

Let's take a look at the rules:

▪ Each round there will be one main theme and one/two bonus themes. Your image MUST feature the main theme! The bonus themes are, well, for bonuses!

▪ Please provide the character's name and the series they are from. If your image features more than one character, please specify which character it is you are submitting for Beauty Pageant!

▪ The character must be from a series that would be able to have a deck. This means only from manga/anime/video games made from East Asian sources.

▪ No fanart! Official art only, please.

▪ If a character is claimed by someone else, you can't use them! No, not even if it's a different picture. It's cheating to enter a pageant twice wearing a different outfit! >:[

▪ Each image can only be used once, even if it has multiple characters in it who fit the round. It would be cheating to let other players instant-win prizes for your hard work finding it.

▪ Prizes will be passed out throughout the round, so make sure you're confident in your answer before posting it! Once I've handed you a prize, you won't be able to edit your response!

▪ For this round, if someone else has submitted a picture of characters in costume, you can't use the same costumes, even if the image is different.

This round, our theme will be spring!

REQUIRED: Your character must be in a Spring themed image!

▪ Bonus: The character is outside!

▪ Bonus: There's sakura petals somewhere in the background of the image!


Main Theme: Eight random cards total.
Main Theme + One Bonus Theme: Twelve random cards total.
Main Theme + Two Bonus Themes: Twelve random cards and two crayons!

Additional Note: You are allowed to submit one image that fulfills the requirements. If you need any clarification, please post to the Questions thread, but please only submit one image!

This round will end on April 22nd! Have fun, and enjoy the pageant~★!
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Shana from Shakugan no Shana sitting in a sakura tree!