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Pot of Gold 65!

Congratulations to the winners of last month's Pot of Gold!

Well, we've strengthened our minds, but it's always good to not let our physical health fall to the wayside! Let's join Hounan's Stride Team and help them out with their tasks!

The object of the Pot of Gold is to complete different "tasks" that will be different every month. You'll get small rewards for completing them individually, but receive bonuses if you manage to complete all of them. How much of the rainbow can you complete?

- Everything collected and turned in for these tasks must be done and logged in between April 1 and April 30, 2016. So you've only got one month!

- When commenting here after completing a task, make sure you label your subject with "Completed", as well as the number of the task you finished. Also, make sure you let me know if you've completed all of them so I can give you your extra reward!

- Please give me a link to your logs with every comment you make. Also, make sure you link me all the stuff that I need to check.

- I might be able to pass out most of the prizes (excluding the grand prize) before the end of the month, so please tell me (with a note in your subject or comment) if you want them earlier.

- Pot of Gold tasks can only be turned in when the round is open, so that means that after 12:01PM EST on April 30, you can't turn in anything even if your tasks were completed and logged in January! Even if you were on hiatus. It's just like with normal games, you can't reply to them once the round closes. If you need to fix a link or clarify something after this time, please reply to your comment; do not edit your comment after the deadline!

- Also, most of the prizes you obtain from Pot of Gold are valid for a set period of time. Special deck donations, however, are an exception - think of them as tickets that you can turn in regardless of when it was won.

The theme of this month's Pot of Gold is PRINCE OF STRIDE!

Nana is studying hard for the upcoming finals and she hopes to do well on them. Let's help her out by answering some games this month!

Answer ten different games this month.

↪ Link to your answers!
↪ All games count for this task: knowledge-based, luck, freebies, etc. as well as multiple rounds of the same game.
↪ For game mods, posting your rounds will also count!

Prizes: 7 random cards.

Riku tends to doubt himself and his skills sometimes, so let's help boost his confidence!

Compliment five Colors members!

↪ As long as the compliments have a link, they can be posted anywhere!
↪ If you don't know who to pick, you could always select a mod to thank them for their hard work running this TCG!

Prizes: 5 random cards, two crayons.

Oh no! It seems like Heath's hurt his leg, but thankfully the rest of Hounan is here to cheer him up and wish him a speedy recovery! Hozumi and Ayumu had the bright idea of drawing on his cast, let's do the same!

Draw your choice card!

↪ Obviously, I'm not expecting the Mona Lisa to be drawn here. Anything works. If you'd like to include the image of the card in your drawing, feel free.

Prizes: 6 random cards, your choice card, three random crayons.

Ayumu and Hozumi love to collect alpacas seals, unfortunately the seal shop is a little sparse this season. Thankfully, they'll try to get as many as they can! Let's help descend them further into card hell. (*≧∀≦*)

Level up once OR master two decks.

↪ As usual, link to your level up and mastery comment.
↪ As a bonus for three more crayons, make one of the comments stand out. It's up to you how to do this!

Prizes: 8 random cards, three crayons.

Takeru's always been a little lonely and it's rare to see him smile. Let's help him out with that by introducing him to new friends!

Trade with ten people.

↪ Trades don't have to start in April, but they must be completed in April.
↪ For an extra three crayons, ask three people a question about themselves!

Prizes: 9 random cards.

We have a special guest appearance from Saisei Gakuen here! Everyone say hello to Suwa Reiji, the star of Galaxy Standard! He has a habit of collecting trinkets, so show off some of yours!

Show off 2 to 3 cards that you collect that catch your attention.

You won't lose these cards!
↪ Talk about why you like these cards -- it can range from the aesthetic, you like the character, you like how the deckmaker did them, etc.
↪ Cards don't have to be earned in April.

Prizes: 5 random cards.

In order to get a sponsor for Hounan's team, Heath had to sign everyone up for modeling contracts. Even though he doesn't enjoy it all the time, it's something that has to be done. Let's see if we can help inspire the designers.

Submit three cards of characters wearing clothes that you like!

↪ As long as the clothing is visible, the card counts.
↪ These cards must be earned in April.
↪ For a bonus crayon per card, say why you like the clothes.

Prizes: 5 random cards.

Kyosuke suffered having a negative reputation in school because of some recent sabotage from some of his seniors. However, he was able to overcome it through help of his friends. It's a good thing that he was able to accomplish this.

Talk about a recent (or not so recent) accomplishment!

↪ It can be anything, don't worry.
↪ ...what, you expected an actual task? Nah son, let's do something easy.

Prizes: 5 random cards, two crayons.
table coding by [personal profile] despedia

You can earn up to a total of 50 random cards and 10 crayons for completing the tasks for this month!

Completing all the tasks will earn you an additional 10 random cards, 2 random crayons and the GRAND PRIZE!


Grand Prize A: Double rewards for five games.
Grand Prize B: 2x prizes for eight sketchpads.

You must present your coupon when collecting! Make sure to keep track of how many times you've used it.

You have until April 30th at 12:01PM EST to complete these tasks. Good luck!
zekroms: (pretty [Touko])

completed all!

[personal profile] zekroms 2016-04-01 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Olivia | card post | Grand Prize A | early rewards are fine!
Red Task: Complete
Answer ten different games this month.
1. Directions 109
3. Colorseum 16-2
4. Swap Station 27
5. Beauty Pageant 97
6. Pick a Color 111
7. Rolling Down the UMN 51
8. Link Cable 16
9. Rei's Friend Report 134
10. Colorseum 16-4
Orange Task: Complete
Compliment five Colors members!
1. Raven
2. Aru
3. Arianne
4. Lex
5. Sami
Yellow Task: Complete
Draw your choice card!
an attempt was made
Green Task: Complete
Level up once OR master two decks.
fabulous level up
Blue Task: Complete
Trade with ten people.
1. Trap
2. Adelicya
3. Jen
4. Eon (question)
5. Moon (question)
6. Ana (question)
7. Sami
8. Aki
9. Rune
10. Kaede
Purple Task: Complete
Show off 2 to 3 cards that you collect that catch your attention.

this is my absolute favorite sprite of Dahlia, who is one of my favorite AA villains so I really treasure this card a lot!

I'm not even a Mario fan but when I won this card from Acrosting Trading Post I was like HOLY CRAP THIS ROSALINA CARD IS SO PRETTY and decided to keep it for myself. kudos to the deckmaker for using this image!

and last but not least is my son. that face is just too pure and perfect for this world.
Brown Task: Complete
Submit three cards of characters wearing clothes that you like!

I am not familiar with this character at all but I think her head thingy and her shirt are cute...

again, idek who this character is but I am a sucker for attractive people in suits

how can you not like Cynthia's outfit tbh
Gray Task: Complete
Talk about a recent (or not so recent) accomplishment!
just a few days ago, I went in for an internship interview at a small law firm and got hired on the spot! it felt so great. *^* I have another interview at another law firm on Monday that I want to work at more, so I'm going to see how that goes before I accept it for sure, but it's a huge relief knowing that I at least have this one to fall back on if I can't get an internship at the other firm.
coding by [personal profile] vethica; get it here!
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eonflamewing: hozumi kohinata | prince of stride (yeah so)

Re: completed all!

[personal profile] eonflamewing 2016-05-04 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
i'm so glad! getting that job is such a cool achievement. I hope you get a job you like!